Resveratrol – Longevity Booster with Long-Term Benefits for Hair Loss

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Resveratrol, is the supplement made (in)-famous by Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard, in his excellent book Lifespan – mandatory reading for anyone serious about bio-hacking. Although the considerable longevity benefits of resveratrol have only really been proven in mice and it, for obvious reasons is too early to tell for humans, nonetheless both David Sinclar and I, take it each morning as part of our longevity protocol. So, although resveratrol will not directly have any impact on short term hair loss, long term it could have an enormous impact (it is stated that resveratrol has the same effect on humans as it has proven to have on mice) as it will slow down and in some cases even reverse your ageing. Let’s dig into what resveratrol is and why it is believed to have longevity benefits.

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What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is found in food and can also be added to food supplements and hair vitamins.

Studies have shown that Resveratrol has a number of positive effects on health and even on hair. If used regularly, this antioxidant can have significant effects on reducing the symptoms of hair loss that are the cause of numerous conditions.

Because it boosts the immune system, Resveratrol can significantly help to reduce hair loss for conditions that are related to the immune system and skin illnesses such as psoriasis.

Studies are still ongoing when it comes to this antioxidant, however, we already know enough to be confident about its positive implications on our hair. Plus, because this is an antioxidant that naturally occurs in certain foods, there are no side effects from its consumption.

Resveratrol Sources and Scientific Background

The best natural sources of Resveratrol are grapes and nuts.

The effect of Resveratrol on the human body comes from the natural process that occurs in plants which contain Resveratrol.

First, it is a polyphenol a micronutrient that naturally occurs in plants. Some plants produce it to protect themselves against pests, diseases, infection, and even ultraviolet damage from the sun. Resveratrol makes the skin of these plants stronger, similar to the way that it makes human skin stronger, which means that the plants are better protected from outside dangers.

On a deeper scientific level, Resveratrol activates “longevity” enzymes that are known as Sirtuinsa family of signalling proteins involved in metabolic regulation (note. basically, it fools your body to think it is starving, like intermediate fasting, activating autophagy for example). Sirtuins are localized within the mitochondria, the parts of a cell where respiration and energy production occur. The mitochondria are vital for the overall health of any organism. Therefore, because Resveratrol can boost the strength and health of mitochondria, it results in the overall health boost of our cells and thus our entire body.

Cell featuring mitochondria

When Resveratrol activates the Sirtuin protein, it boosts the metabolic process within the cell. The better our mitochondrial function, the better our cells can function and regenerate themselves, which is a crucial step for healing and detoxifying our bodies.

Currently, the best health benefits of Resveratrol according to recent research are connected with the health of our heart, skin, and hair. Although research that looks at the immediate connection between Resveratrol and hair loss is still in its early stages, enough is already known to make us confident about the health benefits that this antioxidant has on hair follicles.

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How Resveratrol Can Help with Hair Loss

Studies have shown that Resveratrol has anti-ageing properties in humans when consumed regularly. Because many issues that have to do with hair loss are due to our ageing process, this is where Resveratrol makes the most sense for hair.

Resveratrol has been shown to increase the age of onset of hair loss and also slow its progression. This means that if you were to consume Resveratrol regularly, your hair follicles would not age as quickly, allowing you to keep your hair for much longer than you have been genetically predetermined for.

A study from 2011 found that Resveratrol has many therapeutic effects on disorders and diseases that are specifically connected to the skin. This antioxidant protects your skin from damage, nourishes it, and increases the strength of your skin cells so that they can defend themselves from illnesses.

Hair follicles are located in a layer of your skin known as the dermis. The connection is therefore a logical one because the healthier your dermis is, the healthier your hair follicles will be because they will live in an environment that helps them grow and become strong.

Dermis, resveratrol for hair loss

If the overall health of your skin is poor, then the hair follicles will not be able to function at their optimal efficiency. Poor skin conditions will reduce the flow of oxygen to hair follicles and thus stop them from getting the oxygen they need in order to grow. This can easily lead to conditions such as hair thinning and hair loss. For people who have noticed these problems with their hair or know that they may be genetically predisposed to hair loss, Resveratrol is a crucial addition to a healthy diet.

Known Benefits of Resveratrol

  • Improves overall cardiovascular health and thus overall body wellness
  • Reduces the effect or onset of age-related issues, which includes hair loss
  • Has anti-inflammatory attributes that can combat the impact of inflammation on hair loss
  • Improved endothelial function, which promotes healthy blood flow to hair follicles
  • Improved metabolic function
  • Together with intermittent fasting, speeds up autophagy.


How to Increase Resveratrol Intake

Although Resveratrol can appear in many food supplements, the best way to ingest it is through healthy, natural food. Luckily, the food that Resveratrol is present in is both delicious and easy to get no matter where you are in the world.

Improving your diet, in general, is a great way to monitor your overall health and reap the benefits of healthy vitamins and nutrients, which is why your diet is such an important factor in your health and the health and strength of your hair.

Note. However, in order to get Resveratrol in the amounts needed to have the necessary impact, you would have to drink 1000 bottles of red wine or similar in a day, which although definitely giving you the right dosage, will have some pretty overall negative effects on your health as you will be dead :-). So the best way is to take it as a supplement, continue reading below for how I do it.

Foods that Contain Resveratrol

The following are some of the most common foods that contain plenty of Resveratrol.

  • Peanut Butter – A great source of nutrients, including Resveratrol. The best choice is all organic peanut butter with no additives. However, this is not recommended if you have a nut alergy.
  • Dark Chocolate – Cocoa beans have Resveratrol in their shells, which eventually finds its way into natural dark chocolate. Not only is this an excellent treat, but it is also good for your hair and overall health.
  • Blueberries – Apart from Resveratrol, these berries also have a number of other antioxidants that are great for your health.
  • Red Grapes – In particular, the skins of red grapes are the ones that hold Resveratrol, and they are best eaten when perfectly ripe.
  • Nuts – In general, nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews are a great source of Resveratrol.

Taking Resveratrol: Fat is a Must

Resveratrol is fat-soluble, meaning its effectiveness is maximized when dissolved in olive oil, fat yogurt, or another fatty substance.

This method ensures better absorption and use of the compound, unlocking its potential benefits. So, the key lies not just in taking resveratrol but in how you take it for optimal results.

Here are two ways of including it to your longevity diet, depending on if you do intermittent fasting or not.

Resveratrol olive oil

The Optimal Way to Take Resveratrol

As mentioned, to make the most of resveratrol, it needs to buddy up with some fat. Now, here’s the snag: most resveratrol supplements are sold in capsules. The catch? Your body plays hard to get with capsules, only cozying up to resveratrol in its powdery form. So, if you’re sipping it down with just water, hate to break it to you – you’re tossing your money down the drain.

Here is a way you can include resveratrol in your diet: mix one gram of powdered resveratrol with a source of healthy fat. Blend the powdered resveratrol into a smooth concoction with a tablespoon of nutrient-rich extra virgin olive oil or incorporate it into a creamy serving of full-fat yogurt.

#Hack! Resveratrol with Yogurt (Intermittent Fasting)

If you are fasting you obviously don’t want to break your fast by consuming more than 10 calories, but still benefit from the 4-5 better absorption when consuming Resveratrol with fat. Here is how to do it.

  • ¼ of a teaspoon of Resveratrol powder (it’s expensive and you don’t need more)
  • ½ of a teaspoon of yogurt (I obviously take it with turkish yogurt that has 10% fat) with a few drops of water to mix it

This is less than 10 calories so it doesn’t break my fast and part of my morning longevity protocol every morning. I have done this protocol for about 1.5 years and actually measured my bio-markers before and after with very inspiring results, more about that in future posts this year.

Benefits of Reveratrol for Hair and Health: Conclusion

To conclude, the use of Resveratrol has many positive benefits on your overall health and the strength of your hair. If you suffer from symptoms of hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines, this antioxidant could provide you with some relief to the problem.

Other health benefits connected to Resveratrol include anti-inflammation properties, better cardiovascular health, better metabolic function, better endothelial function, and anti-ageing effects.

Although Resveratrol is found in natural foods, which should be consumed daily in measured amounts, in order to provide the full benefits of this antioxidant, to get the full longevity boost, there is simply no other way than taking it as a supplement.

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