Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair is many people’s pride and joy, so the last thing someone wants to do is shave the last bit of hair that they have. Thankfully, you can get a hair transplant without shaving. Read more about how it works, pros, cons, expectations and more in this article.

How Does a Hair Transplant Without Shaving Work?

If you think that hair transplantation is not for you because of the primary fact that you must shave your head, you can rest easy knowing that you can now get a hair transplant without shaving your entire head. Hair transplants have become very popular thanks to the ever-evolving medical field, introducing Follicle Unit Extraction (using Neograft technology) and Direct Hair Implantation.

Here are the two types of no-shave hair transplant techniques:

1. Unshaven FUE transplant

The traditional FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant is one of the most commonly-performed hair restoration methods due to its non-invasive nature and short downtime. No shave FUE hair transplant is performed by harvesting follicles from thin bands of hair on the scalp using Neograft technology to avoid shaving any part of the patient’s head.

2. Unshaven DHI transplant

During a non-shaven DHI (direct hair implantation) hair transplant technique, the strands of hair are trimmed and the transplantation is performed using a choi implanted pen, in which hair follicles are inserted one at a time into the recipient area (hair loss area) of the scalp.

These techniques are created for patients who cannot afford to have noticeable signs of hair transplant surgery or long recovery time after the procedure. Both are highly-specialised techniques in which the surgeon carefully extracts donor hairs without shaving the entire head. The medical professional will trim the donor hairs and transplant the follicles into the recipient area (balding area) for immediate results. What’s great news for patients, is that they get to keep their favourite hairstyle while the surgery results are not visible.

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What To Expect From a Hair Transplant Without Shaving

After a hair transplant without shaving procedure, your scalp may feel sensitive and sore, and you might need to take some painkillers to numb the pain, antibiotics to fight the risk of infection and anti-inflammatory medications to control any swelling.

It is completely normal for the transplanted hair to fall out 2 to 3 weeks after these procedures, as this makes way for new hair to grow. New hair growth will only be visible around 6 months after the procedure, with the final hair transplant results showing at around 1 year after a hair transplant resulting in naturally-looking hair.

Here are a few side-effects that you may experience after a hair transplant without shaving that are also completely normal:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding of the implantation area
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Swelling of the scalp
  • A crust over the impacted area
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Inflammation of hair follicles
  • Folliculitis, which is infection of the hair follicles
  • Patches of hair that seem unnatural


If you are struggling with any of these side-effects for a period longer than 2 to 4 weeks, you should contact your doctor for a consultation. It is possible that you might need more than one session, depending on your bald areas and desires for a fuller head of hair. Follow-up sessions will be scheduled several months after your initial procedure to allow full recovery of each transplant.

Benefits of Hair Transplants Without Shaving

There’s a lot to look forward to when getting a hair transplant without shaving, some of these benefits include:

  • Shorter recovery period
  • Patients can carry on with their normal routine and get back to work in no time
  • No visible scarring after regrowth of new follicles.
  • Minimum scabs and crust formation


Downfalls of Hair Transplants Without Shaving

As with most things in life, there are downfalls to hair transplants without shaving too. Some of the downfalls may include:

  • These techniques might be very time consuming depending on the bald areas
  • These techniques might become pricey, depending on the bald areas and the amount of procedures needed.


As with any cosmetic procedure, these transplants are permanent. It is empirical that you consider all the hair transplantation advantages and disadvantages before making your choice. The benefits of hair transplants without shaving outweigh the disadvantages, and time and money is a small price to pay for longer lasting, fuller hair!

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Perfect Candidates for a Hair Transplant Without Shaving

If you are wondering whether you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure without shaving, you might qualify if you are suffering from hair loss and:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Are above 25 years of age
  • Have no medical conditions that might affect surgery (Diabetes, blood clotting, high blood pressure)
  • If your hair loss is natural and not caused by stress or medical conditions


Consult with your medical professional to determine if you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant without shaving. Take advantage of hair transplant clinics that offer free consultations

Our Overall Thoughts on Getting a Hair Transplant Without Shaving

If you are suffering from hair loss, and you have tried common hair growth treatments without luck, it might be a wise choice to consider one of the hair transplant without shaving techniques. Once you have determined that you are a suitable candidate, you could expect positive results with one of these techniques. These no-shave hair transplant techniques provide fast and discreet healing with minimal recovery and scarring.

After only a couple of months you will have a natural, full head of hair without the evidence of a hair transplant. A hair transplant without shaving certainly is a great option to consider if you are in the process of making a hair transplant decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

An experienced medical professional can perform a hair transplant without shaving with success rates of 95 – 98%.

There is no limit on the number of no-shave hair transplant procedures a person can have. It remains important for the patient to allow enough time for each transplant to heal completely before continuing with the next procedure.

The best age for a no-shave hair transplant is usually between 25 and 30, because the body has a high immune system and the hair loss process stops by this age.

Most medical professionals will recommend that you wait at least ten days before wearing a hat or cap.

Yes, no-shave hair transplants look natural when performed well on appropriate candidates.

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