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I always enjoy seeing new dental bonding before and after images of  procedures performed on IdealofMeD patients. Dental bonding serves as an alternative to veneers and offers the advantages of being cost-effective, minimally invasive, and pain free approach to restoring teeth, enabling you to achieve the beautiful smile you rightfully deserve.

During this procedure, an application of composite resin is used to enhance the color of your teeth or to restore their original shape in the event of damage.

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What Is Dental Bonding Exactly?

Dental bonding is a method of restoring your teeth, either back to their original before damage or discolouration, or to give you that perfect smile that you have dreamed about due to your teeth being misarranged. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses a composite resin that is applied to one or more of your teeth. This composite resin is extremely strong and it is bonded with your teeth. It is then polished to ensure uniformity.

It is similar to porcelain veneers with regards to the final result but it is non-invasive and usually does not require the removal of any tooth enamel, which tends to be an unappealing procedure to most patients. This procedure is appropriate for most of our patients and our experts will be able to consult you on what they believe is the best for your desired result. It is a restorative procedure that uses the composite resin to blend with the rest of your teeth and to restore your smile for years to come!

Dental Results
Dental Results

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The Advantages Of Dental Bonding

There is an abundance of advantages to dental bonding and with our dental bonding before and after images you can see many of them, such as having that gorgeous fully restored bright smile. But that is not the only advantage of dental bonding. There are many others, such as:

  • It is usually the cheapest of all the dental cosmetic procedures
  • It is an easier procedure and can be done with little inconvenience to you
  • Almost no tooth enamel is removed for the procedure
  • Virtually pain-free!
  • Anaesthesia is not normally required
  • There is no special dental care required except standard oral hygiene practises
  • It can last for years!

Hi! I’m Helene, if you would like to know more about the dental bonding process I highly recommend you to book a free consultation with one of our experts.

A free consultation helps you find out if dental bonding is right for you, how much it would cost and how the procedure could improve your smile.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

The Results You Can Achieve Through Dental Bonding

The results that you can achieve through dental bonding before and after will astound and amaze you. With the composite resin, we are able to restore damage to teeth, lengthen your teeth and even correct teeth that have chipped or broken. This procedure is also able to help those that suffer from receding gums! We are extremely proud of the restorative procedures that we have conducted and the satisfaction that our patients have achieved with our dental bonding before and after.

Dental Bonding Before and After Photos

Below, we are delighted to share with you a collection of captivating before-and-after images that spotlight the extraordinary outcomes attained by our patients. They made the choice to embark on a transformative journey of dental restoration, guided by our team of experts who have honed their craft in delivering exceptional dental procedures. Would you like to see more dentistry before and after images? Download our free catalog.

What Makes Dental Bonding So Great

Dental bonding is such a great cosmetic dental procedure because it is usually pain-free, cheaper than veneers and produces excellent results for years to come. Many consider dental bonding for many reasons, such as:

With our experts and modern technology, our dental bonding before and after produces many pleased, satisfied patients. 

Ensuring Tooth Structure Remains Intact

With dental bonding, there is no need to remove any of your existing tooth structure, only to enforce it once again and ensure that the teeth remain strong, gorgeous and intact for the years to come. The composite resin is added directly to the tooth. The teeth are polished with a high-grade polish and then your smile is returned to you. This procedure for dental bonding before and after is usually:

  • Nearly pain-free
  • No anaesthesia required
  • No drilling required
  • No change to your teeth structure.

Maintenance After Orthodontic Treatments Or Procedures

Composite bonding can be a dream for patients that have had braces. Sometimes the teeth get damaged or chipped from the braces, this is then corrected with composite bonding as the damage is reversed and the tooth is restored to its original shape. There are even a few unique cases where patients have felt like their teeth look artificial after having braces as they are so straight. This is also corrected and then we adjust the “look” of the teeth so that a more natural look is presented when you show off that stunning smile after all those years!

Damaged Or Chipped Teeth

Throughout the years, your teeth get damaged and they get chipped. Most of the time, this damage is minor and does not require you to have a veneer placed or your whole crown restored. That is when composite bonding becomes the perfect choice. The resin is placed in that damaged part, shaped according to your natural tooth structure and then it is polished. No pain, no anaesthesia. Just a pleasurable dental bonding before and after the experience.

Discoloured Teeth

Everywhere around the world, we have different cooking habits, different elements in our drinking water and sometimes even different oral hygiene methods. This can lead to discolouration of your teeth. With dental bonding before and after, this is completely corrected and your teeth are restored to its natural white.

Even if you should just want a brighter, whiter smile, then dental bonding with its composite resin might be for you as there is no damage done to your natural teeth. You just get a brighter smile and your dental bonding before and after the experience will have you flashing your smile once again.

Gum Recession

This really is how fantastic dental bonding before and after can be. Should you suffer from gum recession, you can go for dental bonding. In the same way in which the composite resin is colour-matched to your teeth, it can be colour-matched to your gums. This will help cover the exposed roots of your teeth and relieve the sensitivity problems that you have been experiencing. You will finally be able to live a life with a brilliant smile and with most of your pain reduced.

Is Dental Bonding Possible For Smokers?

Dental bonding is usually not recommended for smokers as the composite resin can stain over time from the smoke over time. This will lead to obvious discolouration between your teeth and the composite resin and leave you feeling unsatisfied and maybe even self-conscious.

We wish for our patients to have a pleasant experience with dental bonding before and after, so if you are a smoker, then we recommend veneers instead of dental bonding.

We are always happy to treat all our patients, whether they are smokers or not, we just want to do what is best for them, to ensure a fantastic experience all around. Veneers do not have the same problem as the composite resin and will not discolour in any obvious ways.

Our Final Thoughts: Dental Bonding Before and After

Dental bonding before and after with the composite resin is an affordable, relatively pain-free way to get you that smile that you have always wanted. No matter what happens, our experts will guide you and help you to get that smile that you deserve. Book a free consultation with us today and see what your options are.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding dental bonding before and after.

No, it does not. The composite resin is moulded to fit your teeth structure and style and will therefore not cause any damage to your teeth.

Yes, you can. Dental bonding is usually just not recommended to regular smokers as it can lead to composite resin staining and cause obvious discolouration.

Typically, this process is only once. There are cases where the composite resin needs to be touched up.

Yes, it is. Should you change your mind about dental bonding and wish to go for one of our other treatment options instead, it is completely reversible and most dentists should be able to do it.

Yes, it is completely possible to have your teeth whitened even if you have gone for dental bonding. You can also have your bonding redone to ensure a more satisfying result.


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