Our mission

Restore and Live Your Ideal Me

Over 35 years ago, the medical team behind IdealofMeD began their journey with an emphasis on surgeries to improve people’s quality of life. These surgeries included complex life-saving procedures performed under general anesthesia.

Over the years their medical focus evolved to incorporate cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures, medical checkups and bio-hacks to restore people’s well being and confidence.

At IdealofMeD we recognized early on that people’s health needs go well beyond surgical procedures. Often, operations can be prevented. We concluded the ideal way to help people is to take a holistic approach taking into account underlying conditions, health and lifestyle.

Our physical and mental health is affected by lots of factors. Many of those we can control.

Smoking, drinking, pollution and the environment can have a detrimental effect on our well-being. A healthy diet with the right nutrition and an active lifestyle are two ways to improve your health; both reducing the need for surgeries.

With the launch of our IdealofMeD hair restoring products we have developed our first line of products that deal with hair loss holistically. 24 months of extensive research resulted in additional options for our specialists and patients to learn more about and reduce hair loss, better prepare for a hair transplant and make hair restoration procedures more successful.

Through extensive laboratory testing, we have formulated a holistic and non-invasive approach to hair loss. All of our products are created in a sustainable way and packaging and logistics are Eco-friendly. Our products are now widely available to anyone with problematic scalp conditions or thinning hair.

We advise all our clients (on how) to use IdealofMeD products and supplements in combination with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Our mission is to assist patients in restoring their Ideal Me, with or without surgery through the IdealOfMeD brand. By nourishing your inner self, we believe it is entirely possible and desirable to avoid surgery.

We are here for you

From Your First Contact, Your Ideal Experience

You’ll find the IdealofMeD approach to be professional and friendly, in keeping with our goals to provide our clients with a safe, relaxing environment that’s conducive to treatment and healing. We want you to experience the hospitality the Turkish culture is famous combined with Nordic trust, transparency and efficiency.

When you visit us in Turkey it is a great opportunity to visit one of the most exciting cities in the world. Ancient history and the future meet in Istanbul. Architecture, art, music, dance, displaying a long eclectic culture, can be found everywhere. Istanbul is continually evolving, and yet many places stay the same.

Food and drink cover local and international cuisines, from fine dining to street vendors; Turkish food is its own journey. One that no one who comes to visit should miss.

At IdealofMeD, we want your visit to us to exceed your expectations! We also want to keep in touch, follow up on your experiences, learn from them, and continue to develop our service to better help you.

State-of-the-art only

Our Hospital Facilities

In line with our Northern European standards, our surgeries are exclusively conducted by highly qualified medical staff and only in strictly regulated hospitals in Istanbul and Izmir. Surgical procedures performed out of hospitals rather than in clinics, even for the smallest procedure, ensure our patients of the highest standards related to safety and medical staff.

Our modern Istanbul hospital, in central Istanbul, continues to rise high in the healthcare sector with its strong, professional, well-rooted and distinctive academic staff. The facilities with over 60 academic faculty members serving in various fields and sub-fields, in addition to 29 specialist doctors from various branches is considered one of the main locations for exclusive overseas patients. In addition to medical staff, the hospital is employing over 200 personnel. It was recently awarded a European Property Award in best-designed hospital category for its outstanding architecture.

Our specialized Izmir hospital facilities, located in central Izmir, serves patients who wish to escape the vibrant Istanbul atmosphere and enjoy their procedure in the tranquillity of the Aegean coastline.


Our Turkish Organization

Our Turkish IdealofMeD medical operation is the sum of three prominent organizations in Turkey, with immense experience in the field. We aspire to fuse prominent Swedish Medical tradition with Northern European perfectionism and Turkish hospitality.

A majority of our management, operations, and medical teams have Northern European roots and European expertise and experience with major organisations in Stockholm, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Munich, Amsterdam and Miami.

We have an unrivaled patient satisfaction rate with over 98.5% score, which is among the highest globally in the industry, also making us one of Turkey’s most effective and successful medical institutions. 

The satisfaction of our patients defines our global success.