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Most patients who are interested in hair transplantation ask me what the best way to treat both a bald crown and receding hairlines is. In my opinion, the best option in such cases is definitely a combination. With this approach, you can achieve the desired results in a single surgery without having to go through the same side effects twice.

The method we have developed is unique and ensures a successful outcome for you. A year from now, you will have the bald spots covered and increased thickness in areas where your hair was previously thinner.

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What is the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant?

The FUE/DHI IdealofMed combination hair transplant surgery is one of our biggest trademarks when it comes to hair transplant treatment, as it isn’t available anywhere else. Instead of getting the usual 2-person surgical team, you will have a team that ranges from 6 to 8 specialists.

The IdealofMed combination hair treatment is the best option for patients that suffer from both balding and thinning hair. You could perhaps have a balding crown with hair thinning throughout the rest of your hairline. As a result of being tried and tested thousands of times every year, our hair restoration process has consistently provided the best results, in the most comfortable way possible for you.

You can expect to be in hospital for anything from 6 to 8 hours. However, you’ll have full access to the WIFI and can watch your favourite Netflix show, listen to audiobooks or even watch some podcasts. We go out of our way to make this as pleasant of an experience as possible.

Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months with FUE/DHI Combination
FUE/DHI Combo Results after 6 Months
Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months of DHI and FUE Combination Hair Transplant
FUE/DHI Combo Hair Transplant Outcome after 6 months

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FUE vs. DHI: what’s the Difference?

Our trademark combination treatment will leave you with evenly distributed hair that looks completely natural. As you already know, the unique IdealofMeD combination hair transplant combines the FUE and DHI methods in one single surgery. 

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), a form of hair transplantation in Turkey, is best suited to cover up bald spots. In addition to the standard FUE method, there is the FUE Sapphire Method which is what is used at IdealofMeD. Unlike the standard FUE procedure that utilises a scalpel for the procedure, the Sapphire Blade is used to make micro incisions for the FUE Sapphire procedure.

In contrast to the Sapphire Method, the standard FUE method is more invasive and results in visible scarring and a longer healing time. There is virtually no scarring, that is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, with the Sapphire FUE transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant Treatment

Anyone experiencing thinning hair often opts for a DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) treatment. In theory, DHI makes use of the same principle as the FUE Sapphire Method with regards to extracting the hair follicle units from the donor area, but the difference between the two comes in with the process of insertion.

The DHI treatment makes use of an Ideal Choi Implanter in which the follicular units are placed. The Ideal Choi Implanter then places each of the follicles between already existing hair units. This method ensures no damage is caused to any of the scalps surrounding areas and will leave you with a fuller head of hair.

Reasons to Get an IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant

There are many reasons to get a combination hair treatment with IdealofMeD, the first being we’re the only place that offers this type of treatment. We are able to offer this sort of treatment to our customers because we’re based in Turkey, which offers cost-effective solutions.

A few of the other reasons to get the IdealofMeD combination hair transplant include:

Comprehensive Overview of the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant

The IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant heralds a groundbreaking approach to hair restoration. This method ingeniously merges two proven techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), supplemented with the application of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

The Choi Implanter, a specialized pen-like device, is employed to implant the hair follicles into the scalp. This device ensures precise placement of the grafts, resulting in a more natural-looking outcome. It also minimizes trauma to the scalp, promoting faster healing.

Other pivotal equipment used in the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant includes specialized microscopes for dissecting the follicular units, and fine needles for extracting and implanting the hair follicles. These tools safeguard the integrity of the follicles, leading to higher survival rates and superior results.

Hi! I’m Sanna, your expert in achieving the best results from hair transplant procedures and maintaining long-lasting vitality in your hair.

Feel free to connect with one of IdealofMeD’s specialists today! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance regarding hair transplant results. We’re here to support you on your journey to achieving the best possible outcomes for your hair transplant and maintaining its vibrancy!

Effectiveness and Success Rates

The IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant proves to be a potent solution to various forms of hair loss. A research study published in the Journal of Dermatology and Hair Disorders indicates an impressive success rate of approximately 98% for this procedure, positioning it as one of the most reliable hair transplant methods in the current medical landscape.

Several factors contribute to the success of the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant. The surgeon’s skill and experience are pivotal to the procedure’s outcome. Moreover, the patient’s overall health status, the severity of their hair loss, and their compliance with post-procedure care instructions significantly influence the final results.

5000 Graft FUE:DHI Combo
5000 Graft FUE:DHI Combo
Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months with FUE/DHI Combination
FUE/DHI Combo Results after 6 Months
Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months of DHI and FUE Combination Hair Transplant
FUE/DHI Combo Hair Transplant Outcome after 6 months
J.C. (23) from Australia after hair transplant month 2 (Mix 4200 grafts)
J.C. (23) from Australia after hair transplant month 2 (Mix 4200 grafts)

Why choose IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant?

The IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant promises sustainable long-term results. Patients typically observe initial hair growth within three to four months following the procedure. Substantial growth becomes evident around the six to nine-month mark. The transplanted hair continues to thicken and mature over the subsequent year, with full results generally apparent after 12 to 18 months.

The sustainability of the results hinges largely on the patient’s commitment to post-procedure care instructions. Regular consultations with the clinic, adherence to a balanced diet, and avoidance of harmful habits like smoking are crucial to preserving the health and longevity of the transplanted hair.

How should you proceed?

I think that you should carefully explore our website. Here, you will find a lot of information and pictures of completed hair transplant procedures. Additionally, a consultation is one of the most important steps, so it’s always worth scheduling one. During the consultation, you will receive information about the most suitable way to carry out the procedure specifically for you.

Afterward, you’ll have time to consider whether you want to proceed with the procedure. Please note that we offer payment plans if a one-time payment is not feasible. It’s crucial to understand that the final results won’t be visible immediately; the entire journey takes a year and involves hair care according to precise instructions to achieve the best outcome.

The Significance of Realistic Expectations

While the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant provides promising results, it’s crucial for potential candidates to harbor realistic expectations.

This procedure does not generate new hair follicles; it merely redistributes existing hair follicles from denser regions to areas experiencing thinning or baldness. Consequently, individuals with extensive hair loss may not witness the same results as those with moderate hair loss.

Patient satisfaction is intrinsically linked to their expectations prior to the procedure. Candidates who comprehend the limitations of the procedure and maintain realistic expectations are more likely to be content with the results.

Patient Experiences

In my opinion patient experiences offer invaluable insights into the efficacy and impact of the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant. These firsthand accounts detail the procedure, recovery, and outcomes.

Mostly patients’ experiences with the IdealofMeD Combination Hair Transplant are diverse, reflecting the unique nature of each case. Some patients observe significant hair growth within a few months, while others witness a more gradual improvement over a year or more. Numerous patients express their satisfaction with the natural-looking results and the subsequent boost in self-confidence.

Combination Hair Transplant Packages Available

Here at IdealofMeD, we offer packages to suit all of our clients’ needs. We offer three different packages to choose from, but only two of them include the combination treatment. Our standard package can be upgraded to include the combination treatment at an extra cost. You can find all our packages here.

Above we’ve seen only a fraction of the all-inclusive packages. There is a lot more for you to look forward to and expect when getting the IdeaofMeD combination hair transplant. Why not take advantage of our affordable prices, and one-of-a-kind hair transplant treatment, and feel like a new you!

View our costing page to see what our packages cost. We also have a finance option for our Premium and Executive packages where you will be able to pay for the treatment over 6-24 months! If you’d like more information, get in touch with one of our expert staff members, or simply book your consultation today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

IdealofMeD combines both the FUE and DHI treatments in one single surgery. This is great for individuals who are struggling with both hair loss and the thinning of their hair. Instead of going for two separate surgeries, IdealofMeD is the only company offering a combination of the two.

The donor area will need to be shaved, but IdealofMeD provides you with a hairdresser that will give you a new haircut to minimise the overall impact on your current style.

The surgery will take between 6 and 8 hours. That includes the follicle extraction which takes about 1.5 to 2.5 hours and the insertion of the follicles which takes anything from 2 to 4 hours.

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