Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

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50% of women report noticeable hair loss, making it an unpleasant problem that affects a big section of the population. Only 12.7% of all hair transplant patients in 2021 were female though. At IdealofMeD almost 20% of our patients are female, mostly because of our dedicated team and specifically designed female hair transplant packages.

Getting a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey With IdealofMed

Some non-surgical treatments may slow the growth of androgenic alopecia and even encourage the growth of new hairs. However, if you are suffering from androgenic alopecia you can now restore your hair with a hair transplant as well with completely natural-looking results.

It is for a very good reason that more than 60% of patients select Turkey as the location for their hair transplant treatment. IdealofMeD has some of the world’s most skilled and committed medical professionals and the friendliest staff to answer any questions you might have. With IdealofMeD you could save up to 70% of your female hair transplant in Turkey cost

Choose between our 2 female hair transplant packages.

Hotel3 Nights5 Nights
5 star hotel with amazing breakfastsingle roomdouble room
Hair Restoration Box (pre op)✔✔
Hair Transplant Box (post op)✔yes
Hair Rejuvenation products12 months
FUE Sapphire ✔✔
ICE FUE Sapphire✔✔
Direct Hair Transplant (DHI)✔✔
Ideal FUE/DHI Combination SurgeryExtra costincluded
Specifically designed for women✔✔
3-4 people surgical team✔✔
6-8 people surgical teamextra✔
Light meal during surgery✔✔
Anti-aging box
Transplant area healing duration5-6 days4-6 days
Trauma and Scalpe Tissue Damage
VIP transfer✔✔
Mesotherapyno1 treatment
Booster Shot12
Growth Therapy✔✔
Dental checkup✔
Dental cleaning✔
Health Checkup
Epigenetic test (biological age)
HyperBaric Chamber1 HBOT2 HBOT
Graft Survival Rate (ICE method)98.80%98.80%
Washing Hair1 Wash3 Washs

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Women typically lose between 50 and 100 individual hairs daily. Hair loss is a normal component of the natural cycle. While others grow in, some hairs fall out. When hair falls out and less hair grows back, balance is disrupted. Hair shedding is not the same as hair loss. Alopecia is the medical word for hair loss. Here are a few causes of hair loss in women.

  • Anagen effluvium – Medication poisons a hair follicle that is growing, which results in hair loss (like chemotherapy)
  • Telogen effluvium – This is caused by more hair follicles entering the telogen phase, which is when hair begins to fall out.
  • Female pattern alopecia – The most prevalent kind of female hair loss is this one. On the sides and at the top of the head, the hair becomes thinner.
  • Hormones – Hormones can cause hair loss changes in hormones are often associated with pregnancy or ageing
  • Menopause – Women frequently lose hair due to post-menopausal or post-partum symptoms
  • Medications – Medications for thyroid problems or other kinds of drugs.
  • Stress – One of the primary causes of hair loss in women is stress and depression.
  • Dieting – Dietary problems including bulimia, crash diets, or a lack of some nutrients can cause hair loss in women.

Different Types of Female Hair Transplants in Turkey

There are several types of female hair transplant procedures available for you to choose namely the FUE, DHI and a combination of the FUE and DHI. Here we will take a closer look at each of them 

FUE hair transplantation: Each individual follicular unit is removed from the scalp during an FUE hair transplant. Your doctor can collect hair from the donor region with less obvious thinning of the area since the hair follicles are extracted in a random pattern. Hair is removed from the scalp via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which involves tiny circular incisions. FUE hair transplants can be done manually or robotically.

DHI hair transplant: One hair follicle at a time, utilizing a top-notch extractor, is extracted from the donor area in a more advanced hair transplant procedure known as DHI Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implantation), after which it is immediately implanted onto the balding parts of the head.

FUE x DHI Combination hair transplantation: Combining both methods gives higher density with the DHI method and a maximum number of grafts with the FUE method. The best results are obtained by combining the two techniques.

Benefits of the Female Hair Transplant 

There are a lot of benefits for women opting for the FUE hair transplantation method. Here are a few advantages.

  • High Quality – The automated ARTAS FUE technology enables the 3D study and calculation of each hair follicle’s properties in real-time. This enables the robot to pick the follicles that are in the best possible condition for harvesting and transplantation.
  • Natural results – The ARTAS FUE procedure leaves NO linear scar because it harvests and transplants hairs in their natural groupings. This makes hair look more natural and enables you to wear it as short as you wish without worrying about a noticeable scar.
  • Virtually Pain-Free – Local anaesthetic is used throughout the FUE process to provide minimal discomfort. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the FUE transplant, many patients report very minor discomfort and pain during or after the treatment.
  • Minimal Recovery Time – The recovery period following an FUE transplant is brief because no scalpels or stitches are utilised in the procedure, and many patients return to their regular activities in a matter of days. The actual procedure only requires roughly 8 hours.
  • Minimal Scarring – The appearance and density of the donor area are only marginally altered by the random manner in which the follicles are extracted. FUE is the preferred procedure for those who like to keep their back hair very short since it leaves the donor area looking unchanged and unaltered.

Disadvantages of a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

Although they are uncommon, there could be additional adverse effects. Here are some things to think about.

  • Infections.
  • Crust or drainage.
  • Pain or swelling.
  • Bleeding.
  • Tingling or numbness.

Candidates For a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey With IdealofMeD

The majority of people aspire to have thick, strong hair. But a lot of people have to deal with issues related to hair loss because of things like age and heredity. But not everyone who has had hair loss will benefit from the surgery. The best candidates for hair restoration can be determined by a number of characteristics, some of which are listed below.

  • Age – Generally speaking, a person who is over 25 years old is a good candidate for hair restoration. At this age, hair loss or thinning has stabilised, and specialists can determine its pattern.
  • Health – Another factor that determines your candidacy for a hair transplant is your general health. To be eligible, you must be in good health.
  • Hair Density – For the procedure to be successful, you must have an adequate supply of donor hair. You might not be a candidate for the surgery if your baldness has become too severe. For patients who want to keep their hair short or have a shaved hairstyle, the hair transplantation procedure is an excellent choice.

Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Preparation

Here you will find a few tips to help you prepare for your upcoming female hair transplant in Turkey.

  • Vitamin and supplement use should be stopped at least two weeks before surgery as they can thin the blood and cause bleeding.
  • Refrain from taking any aspirin two weeks prior to the operation as this thins your blood and can cause bleeding. If you suffer from a headache, use Tylenol as this does not result in severe bleeding or blood thinning.
  • Stop drinking alcohol as this is also a blood thinner and can cause bleeding.
  • Refrain from running and jogging at least one week before the hair transplant. Running should be stopped because platelets, a blood component that promotes clotting, are present.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, there is nothing to be concerned about.

What to Expect After a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey?

After surgery, most women can go back to work a few days later. In the event that you have discomfort, the doctor will prescribe painkillers, antibiotics to lower your risk of infection, and anti-inflammatory drugs to lessen swelling.

Female hair transplant in turkey

How to Maintain Your Hair After a female Hair Transplant in Turkey

A receiver of hair transplantation must adopt a healthy and thorough hair care regimen in order to heal and recover. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish just that.

  • Wash your hair gently – Go for a hand wash of your hair after a couple of days. It’s preferable to lower the shower pressure and gently rub your hair with your hands rather than washing it under the shower. After using a mild shampoo, gently rinse with a cup of lukewarm water.
  • Sleeping position – Women who have just undergone hair transplant surgery should sleep semi-upright to prevent the potentially damaging effects on their hair. When lying down, one should adopt the “recliner” position, which involves sleeping with an upright angle of around 45 degrees.
  • Avoid intense exercises – Following a hair transplant, stretching and non-aerobic workouts like walking are acceptable. You can progressively increase the workout intensity throughout the following week after 7 to 10 days. The new transplants are not at risk from sweating, but Intense exercise should be avoided for a while to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • A nutritious diet – Various foods can help you give your hair the essential nutrients it needs to grow full and healthy.

After a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey, Hair Growth Chart

The growth that can be anticipated at each step of your post-hair transplant recovery is shown on this growth chart. The rate at which each person’s hair grows will vary. Although these timelines are expected, your hair transplant may result in faster or slower hair growth.

After Surgery

Potential Hair Growth


No growth will be present immediately.

5 to 10 days

No change

2 to 3 weeks

Your hair may resemble how it did prior to the transplant as hair grafts start to shed (this is normal!)

4 to 8 weeks

Hair growth up to 0.5 cm

4 to 6 months

It will be visible to picture the final results.

12 to 18 months

The final results are full, thick, and natural-looking transplanted hair.

Two to three weeks following the treatment, the transplanted hair will typically start to fall out. This allows for the growth of new hair. Four to eight weeks after surgery, the majority of women will notice some new hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A qualified medical expert can do hair transplants with success rates of up to 95%–98%.

A female hair transplant in Turkey is pain-free but could cause a bit of discomfort.

Between 12 to 18 months after surgery, you will be able to see the final results.

After your female hair transplant in Turkey, you must use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair.

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