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FUE hair transplant procedure

FUE Hair Transplant

The modern approach to hair loss; a micro-surgery technique that facilitates hair growth without scaring and achieves natural-looking results.

DHI Hair Transplant

Similar in extraction procedure as FUE, DHI implants using a specially designed tool, the Choi. Does not leave linear scaring and results are natural-looking.

DHI Hair Transplant
Female Hair Transplants

Female Hair Transplants

We offer a range of procedures to offset female hair loss from micro-surgery technique to non-surgical techniques like Mesotherapy.

Beard Transplantations

Forget ethnicity, age, genetic. Have the beard you want by a modern no-fuss method that has you looking good fast!

Beard Transplantations​
Eyebrow Transplantations​

Eyebrow Transplantations

Achieve the look you want. Permanent naturally shaped, 3-dimensional eyebrows.

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