IdealofMeD Sustainability

Sustainability at IdealofMeD

Tree-Nation Partnership

We believe that you can restore your ideal me and the planet at the same time. Therefore we plant trees for every product sold and every treatment we perform.

Well, to be honest, you will plant your own trees. Don’t worry though you don’t need any gardening clothes for this. With a few clicks of your mouse you can make a huge environmental impact.

Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, we are committed in the fight to end deforestation.

To offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions from our business we are planting our Ideal Forest located in Copaíba, Brazil.

Tree-Nation and IdealofMeD

As of September 2023, we have planted almost 600 trees capturing over 200 tonnes of CO2. 

Our Products

During the design and production of our products we try to make sure our impact on the environment is as low as possible so that we don’t create any extra CO2 to offset. 

For this reason all our products:

  • Are packaged in recycled materials
  • Don’t use plastic unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Are SLS/SLES and DEA Free
  • Come in bottles that are reusable

We think about our impact every step of the way.

About IdealofMeD

We’re you’re number 1 destination for a hair transplant or dental treatment in Turkey.
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