Hair Transplant Results After 4 Months

Your hair transplant results after 4 months will give you the satisfaction that you have been so patiently waiting for. Your hairline will start filling in and the density of your hair will start to increase. Your side effects would mostly have subsided by now and the embracing of your full hairline will start.
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What To Expect From Your Hair Transplant Results After 4 Months

Your hair transplant results after 4 months should have minor side effects. These side effects will also start to subside after these four months have passed. The hair transplant results after four months will start to show you more visible growth. Shedding might still take place as your body is still adjusting to the hair transplant and the final healing stages of the hair transplant takes place, but the success of the hair transplant results after 4 months will be clearly visible. Your hairline will begin to fill in and as time passes, the density of your hair will also increase. 

There may still be some swelling and redness or even some discomfort, but it should be minor and barely visible. It is still possible for shedding to take place at this time after the hair restoration surgery as your body is still busy healing and recovering after the hair restoration surgery.

Hair Growth After 4 Months

Your hair transplant results after 4 months may still be slow as the dormant period or telogen period of the hair follicles is coming to an end, This will result in hair growth becoming more visible. This will, of course, depend on your hair cycle which is determined by your own unique genes. Therefore, each person will have a different timeline.

As soon as your growth cycle moves from the telogen phase (the dormancy period) into the anagen phase (the growth period), the hair will start growing and most of the side effects from the surgery will also have subsided as most of the healing process has completed. This will vary between individuals, as each person is different, and each person’s body has their own way and duration of healing and adjusting to the change.

The hair transplant results after 4 months may show the growth of thin, frail or even patchy hair. This is due to your body still adjusting to the hair restoration surgery, but after a couple of weeks, you will notice that the hair is indeed becoming thicker, stronger as well as denser. You will notice your hairline filling in and less shedding taking place.

It is possible for there to be minimal growth still at this point in time and that the hair follicles may still continue to remain in the telogen phase or dormant period, but do not be alarmed, just allow your body some more time to adapt to the hair restoration surgery. There is no exact timeline for recovery and each person has their own journey after the hair restoration surgery, but all are satisfied with the result, and it is well worth the wait.

Factors That Influence Your Hair Transplant Results After 4 Months

After any surgery, there are multiple factors that influence the outcome of the surgery and the same applies to the hair transplant results after 4 months. Some factors are not in our control or in yours, but we do our utmost to ensure a desirable result is achieved. We aim for your hair transplant results after 4 months to be pleasing and satisfying to you. The factors that can influence your hair transplant results after 4 months include:

  • The hair transplant treatment you receive
  • Your genetic code
  • The consistent aftercare
  • Ensuring the use of quality products in the aftercare
  • The hair that was donated before your transplantation procedure
  • Your hair density and hair growth cycle
  • Additional hair growth treatments to support recovery
  • A healthy lifestyle

Symptoms That May Still Appear After 4 Months

Hair transplant results after 4 months might still show some minor side effects. If not all the side effects have passed the last side effects should be minimal. It is, however, possible to still experience some of the side effects, namely:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Hair loss/ Shedding
  • Pimple Formation or ingrown hairs
  • Numbness

There is no need for concern. This is perfectly normal. Everyone has a different hair cycle and most of these side effects will subside within a few weeks. As soon as the hair follicles are recovered and the hair penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin, the side effects will subside and hair will continue to grow with little to no side effects. Ingrown hairs and shedding might still occur as it is part of the normal hair cycle of all. 

To ensure that the hair transplantation surgery is a success and that recovery does not take any longer than it needs to, it is advisable to use the IdealofMeD Hair Restoration Products that are included and provided to you in our hair transplant packages. Another option that will influence your hair transplant results after 4 months will be additional hair treatments to aid in the recovery and growth of the hair. The healing and recovery rate of each individual is unique and can take up to 1 year after your hair transplant to achieve the desired result. 

Treatments Available And What They Consist Of

There are two different treatments available that will influence your hair transplant results after four months and they are mesotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Both procedures are safe and recommended as it will allow for the best hair transplant results after 4 months. 

Mesotherapy is a treatment that allows for the vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids that were affected during the hair transplantation surgery to be replaced. This helps aid in the healing and recovery as all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are available to the body to use. This treatment is delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin where it is needed. This will greatly affect your hair transplant results after 4 months. 

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT is another treatment that should be considered after the hair transplantation surgery. This procedure is not invasive, and it is also relatively pain free. This treatment can be adjusted to each individual’s needs and promotes the natural healing process of the body. It allows for more oxygen to be introduced into the body that aids in the recovery and success rate of the surgery. The oxygen supply to the follicles is interrupted during the hair transplantation surgery. This treatment allows for oxygen to be introduced to the follicle faster to aid in a speedy recovery. This treatment will also affect the hair transplantation results after 4 months. 

The Visible Change After 4 Months

During the first few months after the hair transplant surgery, there is little visible change and it can feel like the hair transplantation surgery was not a success as you have only experienced swelling, redness, hair loss and discomfort. This is because the hair follicles become dormant after the surgery and only after some healing has taken place, does the transition take place into the growth phase.

Then the satisfaction of the hair transplantation surgery starts taking effect as the change can be seen and is experienced. The density of your hair will start increasing and the new hairline becomes clearly visible. The success of your decision to undergo the hair transplantation surgery becomes apparent to all. The swelling, redness and hair loss will become minimal, and the minor discomfort experienced would have been worth it. 

This is only the beginning of the growth that will come. Your hair density and growth will become ever more prominent and evident in the months to come, and this result will last for years to come. Go and check out our pages that discuss the hair transplant results after 6 months and the hair transplant results after 1 year to know what to expect!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not want you to have any concerns about the hair restoration surgery process whether you have had the hair restoration surgery or whether you are considering it. We got the answers to ensure a stress-free, pleasant experience. Should you have any additional questions about the hair transplant results after 4 months, please book a free consultation with us and we will provide you with any other information that you may require.

There is no need to become concerned. Every patient has a different rate of recovery, and you might just need some more for the healing to fully take place. Your natural hair cycle might also be a bit longer than the average individual and it needs more time to return to the growth period. Continue with your post-hair restoration surgery treatments and care and after a few weeks, you should experience a visible change.

There are a few post-hair transplant surgery available to help with the recovery and growth process. They are recommended in order for the best result to be obtained. The treatments are Mesotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

After the hair transplantation surgery has taken place, our experts will remain in contact with you every month or two to ensure that the healing and recovery is going accordingly and also to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. They will also advise you on treatment options and discuss with you what you can expect during the next phase of your recovery process.

There is no need for you to book additional hair growth treatments after your hair transplant surgery, as you will be provided with the IdealofMeD Hair Restoration Products after the hair transplant surgery. It is, however, recommended that you book the additional hair growth and recovery treatments as this will allow for the final recovery to be faster and for the desired growth to be visible. It will result in your hair transplantation to be more successful and for a better overall experience for the years to come.

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