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While our roots are in the combined DHI and FUE hair transplantation at our hospitals in Istanbul and Izmir, we also offer expert dental treatments, medical checkups and anti-aging protocols.

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We can help you with a hair transplant in Turkey at one of our clinics in Istanbul or Izmir. Stay at a 5-star hotel with exclusive VIP transport.

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Your dental treatment in Turkey is in the best hands with IdealofMeD. Our professional care extents beyond the procedures. We book you in a 5-star hotel with exclusive VIP transport throughout your stay.

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We believe in a holistic approach to hair restoration. This includes aiming to do as much as you can yourself by adopting healthy habits and practices. By doing so in advance of your hair restoration procedure as well as afterwards, you will get the best result possible.
IdealofMeD - Your Northern European Medical Partner

Your Northern European Medical Partner in Turkey

We assist you in restoring and living your Ideal Me, by combining Nordic medical tradition with Northern European perfectionism & Turkish hospitality.

Restoring your Ideal Me for over 35 years.

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Becoming and living your ideal me is so much more than a medical procedure.

It’s a process and life view: both emotionally as well as physically. 

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Our holistic treatments combine the latest scientific breakthroughs with natural medicine and specialist support to assist you in restoring and vitalising your Ideal Me.

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Get your perfect hair transformation with reasonable prices in one of the largest hospitals in Turkey.

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