Dentistry Before And After

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We know that you have a dentist somewhere close to you but our images and testimonies will show you why it is worth it to make the journey for all your dentistry needs. Our dentistry before and after will leave you confident and excited about your close-to-perfect teeth and have you showing off your Hollywood smile for all to see.

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The Results You Can Achieve Through Excellent Dentistry

With the proper dentistry and procedures, you can achieve that brilliant, television-worthy smile while you are on holiday or just because you desire it. With all our different packages and procedures available, you can have a brand new smile provided to you by one of our world-class dentists within a few days. Your dentistry before and after will astound you as the change will be immediate, permanent and of excellent quality. 

Quality and satisfaction is essential to us as our patients are invaluable to us. With the various services and treatments we provide, our patients can have minimal stress and a highly pleasing experience. We strive for perfection and to achieve each patient’s dreams when it comes to their teeth. 

Have a look at some of our satisfied IdealofMeD patients that have used our dentistry facilities before and after. 

The Dentistry Services We Provide in Turkey

We offer many different dentistry treatments in Turkey. Some of those services include: 


The IdealofMeD Dentistry Experience

When looking at the dentistry before and after pictures, it is exciting to imagine all that is possible for you. We strive to make that a possibility for you and to ensure that you have a fantastic life-changing experience with us. 

It is important to us to ensure that you are provided with the best possible service and we will remain in contact with you after your procedure to ensure everything went smoothly and that maximum satisfaction is achieved. Through each phase of your procedure, you will be consulted and guided to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Our word is our bond but you are welcome to read about the experience of others below to ensure that this decision to trust us with your dentures is a worthwhile decision. 

Tips To Get The Same Fantastic Results

After you have booked your dental procedure with us and you are heading back home, it is important to maintain proper aftercare in order to ensure the best possible results. Dentistry before and after is affected by your aftercare. Our recommended tips to ensure the best results:

  • Have good oral hygiene. This simple rule is one of the most essential to have that Hollywood smile no matter where you are.
  • Use whitening toothpaste. Our experts will be able to recommend you their preferred brands to ensure you used quality products
  • Careful when chewing hard foods as to prevent any damage to your teeth.
  • Use a nightguard if you grind your teeth at night

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our specialist. Feel free to book a free consultation with any of our consultants to ensure that we do what is best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several different sorts of therapies available. The most common procedures include Hollywood smiles, veneers, implants, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry.

The best candidate will typically have a healthy jawbone and gums, but ultimately, this will depend on the type of dental treatment you’re receiving.

There are many benefits to receiving dental care in Turkey. However, one of the main benefits of doing it in Turkey as opposed to locally is that you will be able to save up to 70% of your money.

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