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What hair transplant results can you expect in the first month after the surgery? In my experience, the initial post-surgery period is often the most challenging, marked by a rollercoaster of emotions. Many are surprised by the shedding of transplanted hair, termed ‘shock loss,’ and the removal of scabs during this phase, accompanied by potential discomfort.

While the first month may not be the most visually satisfying, the comforting aspect lies in the gradual improvement experienced day by day. Adhering to the clinic’s instructions for scalp care is paramount.

Avoiding the temptation to pick at scabs in the recipient area is crucial to allowing undisturbed healing. It’s essential to remember that each hair follicle is unique, leading to uneven growth rates and an initial ‘patchy look.’ Specific changes, particularly visible hair transplant results, tend to become more apparent after the first month.

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What should you know before 1 month after a hair transplant?

During the first month after your hair transplant, the transplanted hair follicles will be healing. Your body will be producing fibrin, which is what will hold the grafts in place.

The first week after your hair transplant is the most important. A nurse will examine your scalp, checking that there are no signs of infection and that everything looks good. The nurse will then wash your hair at the clinic, teaching you how to do it. The first week is when you will experience the worst of any pain or swelling you may suffer.

The recipient area will have significantly healed by Day 10 and the scabs will have started to fall off. Your hair will be experiencing “shock loss” and the transplanted hair will be falling out. Each hair follicle is unique, causing loss and regrowth at different times. This may create a “patchy” look.

S.J. (36) from Italy after hair transplant 1 month
S.J. (36) from Italy after hair transplant 1 month
M.P. (27) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month
M.P. (27) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month

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Hair growth 1 Month after Hair Transplant

By Week 3, scabbing has now gone and the majority of the traumatised transplanted hair has now fallen out while the hair follicles have rested. You are now in the telogen resting phase. During this phase, the hair follicle is completely at rest and the club hair is forming. Club hairs are the final product of hair growth and have a keratin (protein) bulb at the root tip of each strand.

The hair restoration process is a long one, and you will have experienced the most traumatic and stressful stage of the journey in the first month. Your scalp can now tolerate some light sunlight. It is recommended that you refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activity for at least four weeks after your operation. You should avoid gym work, swimming, cycling, tennis, golf, any heavy lifting or strenuous hill walking during this period. It is critical that you continue using the products to gently wash your hair and to follow your medical team’s advice to successfully achieve the desired results.

Effects from the surgery

Any pain and swelling that you may have experienced have now gone, and your scalp can now tolerate some sunlight. You may still experience some numbness as the nerve cells are still regenerating following the surgery.

At IdealofMeD, we use the Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques to do the hair transplant. Because of the sapphire bade used, you will experience less scarring than other methods used elsewhere and a lower chance of infection.

The factors influencing your hair transplant results after 1 month

The success of hair transplantation is determined by a number of factors. Although some of these factors are beyond your control, it is critical that they be taken into account when evaluating the success of your hair transplant after a month. The factors influencing your results at this point in the recovery process include:

  • Consistent and quality aftercare.
  • Additional treatments are designed to boost hair growth and recovery after the hair transplant.
  • The quality and density of the donor hair before the hair transplantation procedure
  • Your natural hair growth cycle.
  • Your genetics, or traits that run through your family.

When you look in the mirror

Hairs are unique structures, and while some lose all contact with the follicles and fall out first, others may retain some thin connections and fall out later. Due to this, your hair may appear patchy in the recipient area as it has fallen out at different times. Hair shedding is normal and does not indicate that the scalp is rejecting the implanted hairs. The donor area will now see some growth.

If you had the Sapphire FUE method at IdealofMeD, your scalp has suffered less trauma than it would have using alternative transplant methods. Any redness you may have experienced in the recipient area has calmed down, and there is minimal redness in the area now. The hair which is being formed and almost ready to grow will do so at its natural angle.

Your healing would have been sped up thanks to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This could be up to 70% quicker than without it. If you opted for Mesotherapy, your scalp has received a boost of all the nutrients and vitamins necessary to encourage recovery. Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts into the skin to rejuvenate it.

Regular contact to evaluate your hair transplant results after 1 month

The support doesn’t end when you leave the clinic. We will continue to contact you to ensure that your hair restoration journey is on track and answer any queries you may have. You will also be advised on what to expect next, as well as offering any other necessary advice.

If at any point, you are unsure of any aspect of your hair restoration journey, you are encouraged to contact us and have a chat with one of our experts.

Beauty and Longevity Specialist at IdealofMeD

Hi! I’m Helene, your expert in achieving the best results from hair transplant procedures and maintaining long-lasting vitality in your hair.

Feel free to connect with one of IdealofMeD’s specialists today! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance regarding hair transplant results. We’re here to support you on your journey to achieving the best possible outcomes for your hair transplant and maintaining its vibrancy!

Looking to get the best hair transplant results after 1 month

At IdealofMeD, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service provided by expertly trained medical and support staff. The treatment starts before your arrival in Turkey you will receive a Hair Vitilisation box. This is included in your package and contains hand-picked products to get your hair and scalp in optimal condition prior to your hair transplant. You will receive an Ideal Hair Transplantation Restoration Box to continue to offer your hair the optimal treatment.

Your medical team will provide you with a year’s supply of hair care products and advice on do’s and don’t that you should follow to ensure that you get the best results from your hair transplant.

S.S. (36) from Canada after hair transplant 1 month
S.S. (36) from Canada after hair transplant 1 month
S.J. (36) from Italy after hair transplant 1 month
S.J. (36) from Italy after hair transplant 1 month
M.P. (27) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month
M.P. (27) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month
K.S. (38) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month
K.S. (38) from Finland after hair transplant 1 month
K.B. (27) from USA after hair transplant 1 month
K.B. (27) from USA after hair transplant 1 month
C.H. (30) from USA after hair transplant 1 month
C.H. (30) from USA after hair transplant 1 month

Common Challenges 1 month after hair transplant

During the first month, you will experience the most challenges throughout your hair transplant journey. That’s why it is important that you know what lies ahead and what you should prepare for. You can always ask us questions, and we will assist you in every way possible during this incredible journey.

Beauty and Longevity Specialist at IdealofMeD

You must believe in yourself 1 month after hair transplant

The most important step you have taken is deciding to undergo this procedure. You want to get new hair, and it will bring you self-confidence and a fresh look. We encourage you in this change, even though the journey is long and may not always be easy.

I must admit that in the beginning, everything may seem challenging, but I also know from experience that all the initial difficulties ease as you progress towards the end. New hair will start to grow if you take good care of them from the beginning.

Beauty and Longevity Specialist at IdealofMeD

How do to achieve the best hair transplant results after 1 month

Although there may be some initial challenges, it’s important for you to think of a hair transplant as a permanent solution. Healthy hair is transplanted to the areas where you have issues. The results are very natural, and you will have a new look within a year of the procedure. The hairline is created to look very natural, so not everyone will even guess that you’ve had a hair transplant.

It’s important to keep this in mind, and that’s why it’s crucial to follow the instructions you receive from the clinic. They are not given in vain but are there to support your journey throughout the entire year. After the first month, you still have 11 months ahead, but we can say that time flies because you can observe the progress of the results throughout this fascinating journey.

Finally: Hair Transplant After 1 Month

After one month from the hair transplant, you are on your way towards even better results. Soon, you will enter the phase where you’ll notice new, thin, and almost transparent hairs. They will gradually become thicker month by month and match the color of your existing hair.

We are a team here to assist you, and you can always reach out to us if you have any questions. Patience will continue to be required, as regular maintenance routines will help you progress more than you might think. One year from now, the first month’s milestone will be just a memory.

Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey with us? Explore our competitive offers and book a free consultation with our experts at IdealofMed. Right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing IdealofMeD in Turkey for a hair transplant has the added benefit of receiving high-quality, dependable service in a beautiful country while being treated like a VIP. Take a look at the all-inclusive packages on offer and book a free consultation with one of our experienced experts.

Should you have any questions, you can also chat to us on Whatsapp or Messenger.

No. The transplanted hair consisted of the hair follicle and the hair strand. The hair follicle, which is what the strand of hair grows from, is still in your scalp and is resting as it prepares to grow new hair. The hair that you see falling out is “shock loss” and completely normal.

By the time you reach the 1-month stage, most of the redness has gone, giving you more of the appearance of your natural skin tone. The swelling should be greatly reduced if there is still any at all. If you have any concerns regarding this, you are more than welcome to contact your medical team, who will be able to provide any support needed.

The surface of sapphire blades is hard and smooth. As a result, sapphire blades provide almost perfect cuts, and tissue damage is minimal. The smoother incisions made are very crucial for rapid recovery. It is also safe for people who have some metal allergies to use.

By the 6 month stage, you will have visible hair growth covering a moderate area. Full hair growth will be achieved at around 12 months when you can start to style your hair as you choose.

Once the hair naturally moves into the anagen phase, the newly transplanted hair will begin to grow. Continued care of your scalp will give you the best possible results. You will achieve this by using the Ideal hair transplant-friendly products that you received after the hair transplant. The products are designed to keep your hair and scalp clean and, avoid infection. The wounds will heal faster and the grafts have a greater chance of success.

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