Dental Prices in Turkey

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Turkey has become the go-to location in recent years for medical-related solutions, including dental treatments and procedures. The main reason for this is that dental prices in Turkey are affordable. When you decide to get a dental procedure done in Turkey, the costs are up to 70% less than you would have to pay in the UK or US.

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Dental prices in Turkey

Cost of Various Dental Procedures in Turkey

You can get various dental treatments at IdealofMed, depending on the exact outcome you are looking for. Before we settle on any dental procedure, we first check to confirm that you are a suitable candidate, and if you are not, we recommend treatments to tackle the underlying problems. The dental prices in Turkey will ultimately depend on the type of procedure that is done. Some of the procedures we offer include:

Below we go over each of these procedures a bit more along with their dental prices in Turkey.


Veneers are thin, aesthetic teeth-coloured shells; they go over your teeth to reshape and protect their surface while granting you the perfect smile. They come in porcelain or resin composite materials and are permanently attached to the teeth to address cosmetic concerns.

When you get this service done with IdealofMed, you can get up to 70% off with our all-inclusive packages. The procedure requires 3 appointments and up to three weeks, if not longer for completion. Veneer dental prices in Turkey at IdealofMeD are done for between €100 and €350 per tooth.

Dental Crowns

Do you want to add dazzle to your teeth and have people drawing in for a second look? Get a metal dental crown in gold, nickel, chromium, or palladium metals. These crowns are not completely aesthetic; they are used to repair, protect, and restore teeth damaged by cavities or broken.

You can also opt for porcelain or ceramic crowns bonded to the tooth using dental cement. This procedure can take up to five days, depending on how many teeth need crowns and the particular treatment you want. These dental prices in Turkey cost anything between €160 and €300 per crown, so your bling does not have to be too expensive.


Dental cost in Turkey - bracesAre you worried about your teeth’ alignment? Do you have crooked teeth, or perhaps the issue of an underbite? With braces, you can fix the root cause of these problems and get straight, well-aligned teeth for the perfect smile in the long run.

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, braces can help realign your teeth when you use them properly. At IdealofMed, clients can pick between ceramic, metal, lingual, and Invisalign braces options depending on their preferences and the dentist’s recommendation, all of which will have various dental prices in Turkey.

You can get straightened teeth by wearing braces for the recommended period; you just have to follow aftercare processes and keep up with your routine dental checkups. In Turkey, you can get this service anywhere from €1,000, depending on the exact type you want.

Dental Bonding

Need to fix that smile? Adhesive dentistry might be exactly what you need. The dental bonding process uses tooth-coloured composite resin glue material to improve the quality of your smile.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a tooth-coloured composite resin material to enhance your smile. This procedure is used to repair chips, close down gaps, or change a tooth’s shape and colour.

Unlike other cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers, dental bonding is a completely reversible procedure, and it requires between 30 and 60 minutes per tooth. The dental prices in Turkey for this process cost anywhere between €96 and €385 per tooth; a cheaper rate compared to the prices in other locations.

Dental Implants

There are different reasons why people get dental implants; some people just want to enhance their appearance and want a Hollywood smile. Others may need to restore and replace undesired or missing teeth that may have been lost or damaged due to accidents or medical issues.

Irrespective of your reason, you can get different types of dental implants with IdealofMed. To decide the best solution for you, we organise preparatory procedures to guide you through the process of picking the right implants for you. We work closely with other dentists in the US, Europe, and Canada, so this preparatory process and x-rays can be done in your location.

The implants are artificial teeth attached to metal posts and surgically positioned within the jawbone. The four major dental implants we offer are;

  • Two-stage Dental Implants
  • Endosteal/Endosseous Dental Implants
  • Single-stage Dental Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

These dental prices in Turkey differ according to the process. Single Tooth Implant costs $800, Dental Crown costs $300. Full dental implants cost between €1,500 and €2,000 for all on 4, between €3,500 and €6,000 for all on 6, and €4,000 to €7,000 for all on 8 procedures.

Depending on the type of implant you want, you may need to make several visits to our practice. We would take over explaining the post-treatment care to you to ensure you have a pleasant experience using your new implants.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you get the perfect smile you deserve.



Affordable Quick Procedures to Carry Out During a Short Visit

There are many various quick dental procedures to get while in Turkey. Whether you’re here for a holiday, or perhaps you came for a hair transplant, try one of the following procedures with affordable dental prices in Turkey.

Dental Checkup

Everyone requires routine dental examinations to determine the overall health of their mouth and teeth, and their oral hygiene. During this procedure, with affordable dental prices in Turkey, the dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums to ensure you are following the best practices for oral hygiene. They would also check for cavities, recommend habits to incorporate into your existing routine and dental treatments if you require any, and determine your next appointment.

By voluntarily signing up for regular checkups, you can catch any dental issues early on before they become a big issue or prevent them from even occurring in the first place. Dental prices in Turkey for this service range from free to about €30 in Turkey, so if you are ever visiting and wish to get a consultation first, you can get one at a cheaper rate.

Dental Cleaning

This goes beyond the dental checkup, and your dental hygienist may ask you to undergo this service if they notice some problems during your examination. The dental cleaning process is generally easy, and it only requires a short time, depending on how much they need to clean to give you a refined smile.

Deep cleaning requires a few steps, with the first being a quick look for gingivitis (inflamed gums) and other concerns and problem spots. Next, with the aid of a scraper, they get at the plaque and tartar build-up that may even be discolouring your teeth; the time spent here depends on how bad you have it. 

At this point, they may recommend teeth whitening. To finish off, they polish your teeth using gritty toothpaste and a high-powered electric brush, then proceed to give you some expert flossing. The last step is to rinse off your mouth with fluoride and apply a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from cavities for months.

The process sounds long and tedious, but it is over quickly and the dental prices in Turkey only cost you between €50 and €75.

Teeth Whitening

Show off those pearly whites with confidence!

There are various reasons why people decide to undergo teeth whitening procedures, and the most common reason is for a brilliant smile. Time, smoking, inconsistent dental habits like flossing and brushing, and ingesting food with darkening agents like coffee and red wine can alter the colour of your teeth.

Stained or completely discoloured teeth may affect a person’s self-esteem and, most importantly, their oral health. So, instead of relying on over-the-counter whitening agents, you should opt for professional whitening services.

You can get effective and long-lasting whitening services at affordable dental prices in Turkey at IdealofMed. We perform this procedure quickly and safely, protecting your gums and cavities and adjusting the whitening agent to suit your level of discolouration.

On average, this service costs between €100 and €350 in dental clinics in Turkey compared to prices in the USA, which can go up to $1,000 (€930).

Cost of Dental Work in Turkey Compared to Other Countries

The dental prices in Turkey are affordable when compared to their costs in other major countries. This is one of the big reasons people flock to Turkey yearly for medical tourism.

It goes beyond costs; you also get the best care from renowned dental health practitioners licensed by government bodies and who have years of experience under their belt. Whether your dental need is purely cosmetic or is necessary to solve a particular problem, you would get the best quality treatment in Turkey.

The table below gives a simple comparison of all the dental services we provide at IdealofMed and their price ranges in Turkey, as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

We have converted these prices to one central currency to make the comparison easier.

Dental Procedure Cost in Turkey Cost in UK Cost in the USA
Dental checkup Usually Free - €30 €23 - €200 €46 - €139
Dental Cleaning €50 - €75 €30 - €100 €65 - €185
Teeth Whitening €100 - €350 €470 - €880 €460 - €920
Braces €1,000 - €5,000 €1,170 - €11,740 €2,780 - €9,290
Veneers per tooth €100 - €350 €234 - €1,170 €860 - €2,320
Dental Bonding per tooth €96 - €385 €187 - €470 €120 - €928
Single Tooth Implant €800 €1,760 - €2,935 €1,390 - €1,850
Dental Crown €160 - €300 €290 - €940 €690 - €1,480
All on 4 €1500 - €2000 €8,000 - €17,000 €10,100 - €23,230
All on 6 €3500 - €6000 €14,000 - €18,000 €13,930 - €28,798
All on 8 €4000 - €7000 €22,000 - €34,500 €15,792 - €35,301

All-Inclusive Dental Packages at IdealofMeD

At IdealofMed, your comfort and convenience is our priority; this is why we provide all-inclusive dental packages. You can relax and allow us to plan your trip, transportation, and accommodation. You only need to show up!

The best part is that our packages come with over 50% discount on the service charge, so you can spend less on dental prices in Turkey, and still tour the beautiful city of Istanbul. What better VIP experience could you ask for?

Pros and Cons of Turkey Dental Treatments

Getting dental treatments in Turkey should not be daunting to you. If you consider it, here are the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing these procedures in Turkey.

Advantages Disadvantages
Dental prices in Turkey are very affordable compared to other countries The language barrier might be a problem because various clinics do not provide a translator for their patients
The Turkish government does not require a visa from patients from up to 65 countries The treatment may be out of pocket because your insurance company may not cover health procedures done abroad
Access to highly qualified dentistry practitioners with extensive experience Very few in-person follow-up appointments
Highest quality of implants at affordable rates
Very fair exchange rates
No long waiting lists, so you can get your procedure done as quickly as possible
You can get all-inclusive packages that cover transportation, accommodation, and other features of your trip.
Get all the treatment you need plus the opportunity to enjoy tourism in the beautiful and historic Turkey.

At IdealofMed, we have English-speaking dentists. We also provide a translator to help with the language barrier when our non-English speaking practitioners are in charge of the process.

Why is IdealofMed Perfect For Me?

IdealofMeD LogoApart from us being a leading dental clinic with the best world-class professional dentists in our service and top-of-the-range equipment for carrying out dental procedures, we also offer some of the best dental prices in Turkey. Our staff is patient, friendly, and attentive to your needs, ensuring they can be of assistance to clients.

There are several policies at IdealofMed that foreign clients can take advantage of when choosing us for their dental procedures and treatments. We are licensed to provide dental services, and we offer free consultation, transportation, and accommodation, so you do not need to concern yourself with the details of the trip; we will handle everything.

You are also offered affordable services in the most conducive environment, using modern machinery and tools to guarantee your comfort.

Booking Your Free Consultation with IdealofMed

If you find yourself being drawn in by the amazing dental prices in Turkey, then why not book a free consultation with one of our specialists? Booking an appointment with us is extremely easy. You can also contact us to chat with our experts if you prefer. Our goal is to give you the most convenient, holistic and pleasant experience.

Get the ideal combination of Nordic medical tradition and Turkish hospitality when you opt for our services. We believe in transparency, so there are no hidden costs with us, and our services are very affordable, so you do not have to break the bank to get dental treatments from us.

Do I need a Visa to Visit Turkey For Medical Procedures?

After looking at the dental prices in Turkey, you may want to immediately jump onto a plane and head off to Turkey, but will you require a Visa for that? The Visa requirements in Turkey are not very strict, and many countries are exempt from the visa restriction, so patients from those countries can easily visit Turkey for a dental procedure. The visa-exempt countries and territories are over 50 in total, and you can visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a full list of visa-exempt countries to Turkey to determine your eligibility.

If your country or territory does not qualify, find out if it is eligible for a Turkey e-visa or a visa upon arrival in Turkey. Those required to get an e-visa should begin the request online at least a month before the date they want the dental procedure done.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in Turkey?

This is largely dependent on the exact procedure you get. Quick procedures like teeth whitening and cleaning don’t need any extra days in Istanbul. You can just book a quick appointment with us during your trip and be on a flight the next day. 

Dental cost in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are visiting Turkey to look around or for medical tourism purposes, the best place to get any dental work done is at IdealofMed. This is because we offer a wide range of dental treatments and services and have the most professional health practitioners you would love.

The cost of living is generally low in Turkey, which translates to other sectors like health. Turkey is big on medical tourism, and dental procedures are up to 70% cheaper than in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. You can get true Turkish hospitality at IdealofMeD when you opt for dental treatment in Turkey today.

Most people qualify for most dental procedures, but if you are not eligible for a specific treatment, you may need to undergo some restorative care. This is more common for people who suffer from some gum disease. By undergoing a dental checkup at Ideal Med, we can figure this out and determine the best course of action.
nd a few months.

You can get dental care in comfortable, first-class clinics in Turkey that have highly qualified professionals in their service. At IdealofMed, we can guarantee your safety. What’s more, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, which prove that our clients and medical tourists had pleasant experiences with us.

It depends on the treatment you get from us. Dental crowns require a few days, while veneers can take up to two weeks for an adjustment. Depending on what kind of dental implant you get, recovery takes anywhere between a few days a

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