Losing hair? Desperately searching for an effective solution? We present you with our Ideal Hair Vitamins. This is a complete multivitamin supplement that will help you grow healthy and beautiful hair and boost your self-confidence like never before. We’re discussing zinc today. What is it, why it’s so significant, and most importantly, how does it affect your hair? Keep reading to learn some useful details about this awesome mineral today. 

Hair loss is a common occurrence in both men and women. It’s frustrating, it’s stressful, and it has a tremendous impact on a person’s self-esteem. When you find yourself in that situation, you can take action to prevent further hair loss. So, don’t stress. First, we have a few things to tell you about this mineral and why it has such an impact on your hair. 

What is Zinc and why is it so important?

Zinc is an essential mineral for a healthy body. It’s very significant because it helps support over 100 biochemical reactions in the human body and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Besides that, the mineral supports hormone formation and helps the processing of proteins, carbs, and fats in the body. Among other zinc health benefits, it’s also proven to help promote hair growth and overall hair health.

How to consume it?

The best way to take your zinc daily dose is through a healthy diet. You can find it in various foods like oysters, seafood, meat, poultry, milk, cheese, and peanuts. But, it’s in small amounts, and it’s not always enough because the human body cannot store it. Beware that zinc deficiency can cause many problems, including extensive hair shedding. 

A lack of this mineral weakens the protein composition of the hair follicles, and that leads to hair loss. Keep in mind that if you don’t treat it well, and on time, it can become worse and even lead to balding. To avoid that, ingest as much zinc as you can through your diet, and if that’s not enough, don’t shy away from a well-made supplement.

We already know how important this mineral is, and how many vital roles it serves within the body. It helps in wound healing, regulates hormones, helps your body build more healthy cells, and also helps the absorption of other important nutrients. 

Ideal Hair Vitamins

You can buy our Ideal hair vitamins separately or as part of a box set. Our IdealOfMed hair boxes are made from recycled paper. And when we ship them, we plant a tree, making them carbon negative! They include various products that will help you restore your hair and promote hair growth. In the package, you’ll find our Hair restoring shampoo that contains more than 50 active ingredients, including zinc. 

Our Ideal hair vitamins are mouth-soluble tablets containing zinc along with 10 other hair boosting ingredients. Each daily dose equals 10mg. That’s the perfect amount that will give visible results when used in conjunction with the IdealofMeD range.