As we developed our IdealOfMed brand, we set our sights on excellence. We were aware that health tourism for hair restoration is big business in Turkey. But, for most clients, their hair transplantation in Turkey is merely a trip. And yet, we know at IdealOfMed that optimal hair restoration is a journey.

Every hair transplantation at IdealOfMeD begins with a consultation, and following this, we send you The Ideal Hair Restoration Box. The box is full of products to prepare your body, scalp, hair, and mind for your next step in restoring your Ideal self.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

1 x Hair Vitamins (120 Tablets)

1 x Hair Restoring Shampoo 200ml

1 x Collagenic Scalp Serum 50ml

1 x Hand Cream 50ml

1 x Dermaroller with Disinfection

3 x Hair Restoration Serum 10ml

Products Ideal For Pre Hair Transplantation Surgery

Some products are specifically designed to ensure you are ready for your operation. In particular, we advise that you take the vitamins before your surgery. This will mean your body has everything it needs to heal optimally and for follicles to thrive following implantation.

A unique addition to the hair transplantation box is our derma roller, which has 540 tiny needles. The derma roller is fully sterile and has two significant benefits. It aids in the absorption of the collagenic scalp serum. The two combined help to strengthen your scalp. Secondly, the derma roller’s action triggers a natural regeneration of the skin, making your scalp healthier and preparing it for surgery and hair regrowth.

We also believe passionately in the planet, so you’ll find that the contents reflect this. The box is made of fully recycled paper, and for each box we ship, we plant a tree. We are proud to say that the IdealofMeD Hair Transplantation Box is actually carbon negative.