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Just take a look at all these happy faces! There’s nothing that makes me happier. Hair transplant before and after photos are a great indication of what you could look like, but don’t forget to watch the videos or download the Hair Back App (a third-party app we use for aftercare) where you can get a lot of information as well. 

Our hair transplant before and after images and testimonials will give you peace of mind and guide you in setting your hairline expectations accordingly. With our combined FUE and DHI procedure, we are confident that your hair transplant results will leave you feeling satisfied and confident with your close to perfect hair after transplant so that you can brag about your before and after hair transplant results too.

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Before and After Hair Transplant Transformations

We know that one of the most crucial factors in deciding on whether to commit to any cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation included, is whether your hair transplant desires can truly become your reality, which is why we have dedicated this page to hair transplant before and after images and results of our IdealofMeD. patients.

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The results you can achieve through hair transplantation

Hair transplantation results are a permanent hair restoration solution to your patchy, balding hairline. With a total graft recovery rate of over 95%, we are extremely proud to present a few of our patients’ before and after pictures. IdealofMeD patients’ boast a permanently increased fullness of the hairline and typical balding areas, with a consistent density of hair throughout their entire head.

However, it is important to understand the hair transplant recovery timeline and process. Post-operative recovery occurs in the middle of our hair transplant assessments and varies from person to person, with numerous factors affecting our patients’ hair transplant healing time.

Another factor influencing healing time is the patients’ consistency with additional scalp and hair care post hair transplantation.

The IdealofMeD. Hair Transplant Experience

Hair transplant before and after pictures are a great indication of what to expect, but we know the value in hearing from others who have undergone hair transplantation for the same reasons you may be considering the life-changing procedure.

We place great emphasis on consistent customer service from the moment you enquire about our results to months post-operation throughout the various stages of recovery, which will be touched on further down. Check out what some of our patients have said about their Ideal experience below.

“The experience was fantastic, flawless, absolutely great from the minute I signed up. I started communicating, getting lots of support. I have been going bald for the last 10 years. My hairline was receding quite badly, and I decided, why not? Let’s get it [Hair Transplantation] done and it’s been a great success, as you can see!” – Rob from Aberdeen, Scotland

“It’s nearly been five months now. I am not even halfway through the whole process yet and it’s already looking great. From the minute I landed in Istanbul to the minute I left Istanbul, everything was looked after.” – Keith, a barber from Dublin, Ireland

“The minute I got to Istanbul, I was totally at ease. It was relaxing, seamless, efficient. I mean it’s good, look, it’s excellent and this is only after six months. My work colleagues say it looks really good, it just blends and looks natural. It just makes you more confident, really.” – Mark, 56, an occupational health and safety manager from Essex, U.K

When you can expect to see hair growth results

It is usually around the 12-month mark when our patients start to see maximum growth and density in all the areas they previously struggled with patchiness or baldness. This is a great time to refer to your before and after pictures to really get an idea of just how successful your procedure was. Hair transplant results will gradually be observed over this 12 month period.

During the first 3 to 6 months after your hair restoration procedure, you may begin to notice visible hair growth and increased hair density. This is not the final stage of growth but it is definitely an exciting one as you can begin to compare your before and after hair transplant results and observe an obvious difference knowing that you are yet to see your hair restoration results reach full potential.

Around the 6 month mark, the rate of hair growth rate starts to speed up further and the hair becomes denser and longer. As notable as hair growth around the 6th month may be, your postoperative hair growth will only be around 50% of the final results you can expect at one year.

At this stage, your hair will start growing at the same rate as the rest of the hair on your scalp, meaning that the transplanted hair will start blending seamlessly with the rest of the hair making it easier to style.

I often see people very tense in the first days and weeks after a hair transplant – totally understandable of course because you want the perfect results! Our support team is online 24/7 to answer your questions, and our after-care team uses the Hair Back App to deliver the best possible aftercare. 

From my experience, the number 1 reason people (should) worry is because they don’t follow the instructions or don’t communicate with the aftercare team! 

How to boost hair transplant results

After one day of healing, you will return to the IdealofMeD. clinic where one of our nurses will remove your bandages, conduct an assessment of your donor and recipient area to ensure that everything is in check and that there are no signs of infection.

Our nurses will then wash your hair for the first time after your hair transplant and explain how the washing procedure should be conducted to ensure that your hair transplant results are not compromised due to poor technique, which could ultimately dislodge the newly transplanted hair follicles.

You will receive a complimentary Ideal hair transplantation restoration box, including hair restoration shampoo, hair vitamins, hair restoring serum and other products that are simply included for your enjoyment, such as our Ideal Lotion, a re-usable shopping bag and hat to name a few. If you have opted for the premium or female packages, you will receive a one year supply of Ideal hair transplant aftercare products, belonging to our hair vitalisation line. These products are designed to boost hair growth, strengthen the hair shaft and follicle, and speed up your recovery time.

Before your IdealofMeD. Hair Transplant Procedure

Once you have booked your IdealofMeD. hair transplant surgery, you are well on the way to your Ideal hair transplant results! Leading up to your hair transplant in Turkey, you will receive our pre-operational Ideal Hair Restoration Box to ensure your donor and transplantation areas are adequately prepared for your life-changing transformation.

The combination of our scientifically formulated Ideal products has been developed to radically enhance our patients’ hair transplant after-results by strengthening their existing hair and scalp region. We will take blood samples the day before your hair restoration procedure, giving you the opportunity to see the hospital before the exciting day of transplantation.

Planning your postoperative hairline

Before hair transplant surgery, our IdealofMeD experts will examine your hair donor region to determine the number of grafts you will require by making use of a digital microscope. The use of this tool will help us determine some key information, crucial for planning the best hair transplantation procedure, in order to give you the hair transplant results you desire. This specific process will determine your hair density and the number of hairs per follicle, which in turn helps us determine the number of grafts you will need before hair transplantation.

By making use of a laser tool, we are able to create a symmetrical outline of your soon to be hairline that will suit your bone structure, facial structure and your desired hairline aesthetic. By combining our expertise and your hairline preference, you can envision your hair transformation before your hair transplant procedure.

Possible side effects after hair transplantation

Shedding After Hair Transplant

In the beginning phase after hair transplant procedures, many hair transplant patients experience normal shedding, also known as “shock loss”, which is in simple terms, hair loss post-operation. Shedding is usually noticed around 2 to 5 weeks after hair transplantation, this should not cause any alarm as it is temporary and expected as a result of trauma to the existing hair from the hair transplant surgery.

Crusting or Scabbing in the Recipient Area

Patients may observe temporary scabbing start to form in the transplant area as a result of dried out blood. The blood is a result of the small incisions or micro punch holes that were made on the scalp for the purpose of graft implantation, while crusting can be attributed to dead graft tissue.

While some side effects like shedding are totally normal and to be expected, others need treatment! Luckily, if you follow the post-care treatment protocol in the Hair Back App and communicate with our after-care team there is nothing we can’t solve. 

While it can be very frustrating to get an infection, this does happen sometimes -even when you’re super careful- just like getting a cold. If treated in time according to the team’s directions, this will not affect the outcome of the hair transplant. 

Sometimes, results take longer than you want. I know how frustrating it can be to be told to ‘wait’ – but sometimes, that’s really all you can do. The best advise I can give is to join the Hair Back App community to get some peer-feedback.

Hair Transplant Results

FAQ - Common Questions About Before and After Hair Transplant Results

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding before and after hair transplant results. If you have any other questions, we have additional pages dedicated to month-to-month hair transplant results. Otherwise, chat with one of our experts by navigating to the contact button in the bottom right of your screen.

Or, book a free consultation if you are ready to commit to your hair transplant procedure so that you too benefit from a life-altering hairline transformation.

You will begin to see a visible increase in hair density roughly 6 months after your hair transplant procedure. Around this time, your hair will begin to grow at the same rate as the rest of your natural hair, making it easier to style. For more information on the development of hair density after beard transplantation, check out our page dedicated to hair transplant results after 6 months.

Your new hair growth texture may appear kinky or wiry in the beginning, but this is normal. Your hair texture will begin to normalise around 6 to 9 months after your hair transplant.

Because your newly transplanted hair is harvested from your pre-existing hair, the hair transplant procedure ultimately distributes your current hair more evenly across your scalp for a denser appearance. The more hairs you have per follicle will ultimately determine how much density you can achieve after your hair transplant. When you book a free consultation with one of our specialists, they will break down all you need to know and what you can expect before and after hair transplantation.  

Yes, a hair transplant is the most effective method of hair restoration, promising minimal side effects. Check out our hair transplant results page for more information on what you can expect during your hair transplant recovery journey.

The precise number of hair grafts you’ll require to achieve your desired hairline is dependant on your current hair growth pattern and hair density in your donor area. Fortunately for you, our team of experts will figure that all out for you when you arrive in Turkey for your hair transplant. Check out our IdealofMeD. offers to find out more about our all-inclusive hair transplant packages and pricing.

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