The scary truth is that hair loss can happen to anyone, not just middle-aged men! Hair vitamins and vitamin drips assist with curbing hair loss in individuals who are either genetically prone to balding, or for a number of other reasons, such as traction, dietary problems, skin disorders or due to their psych history.

What Else Causes Hair Loss?

Aside from genetics, both men and women can suffer from hair loss due to the following reasons. Traction alopecia is caused when braids, rollers or ponytails are pulled too tightly, causing strain on the hair follicle. Rapid weight loss, smoking and drug abuse have also found their place in the top culprits of hair loss.

Certain dietary choices don’t always allow for the correct minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that the body requires in order to have healthy hair. These symptoms are often found in vegans and vegetarians who have yet to find the healthy choice of foods that give their bodies everything it needs.

Ideal Vitamin Drip Mineral – Selenium!

Vitamin drips that contain the trace mineral selenium, in conjunction with vitamin E, help to prevent oxidative damage in the body. Vitamin C is recycled through the body with the help of selenium, which improves the bodies overall cellular protection. Selenium works as a master antioxidant, which helps support detoxification, thereby taking away some of the strain from your liver and thyroid.