Your Istanbul Transfers

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Welcome to The Fleet

From the minute we pick you up until we take you back for your return flight, your travel and transfers are selected for your comfort and safety.
Our fleet of vehicles includes the ultra-comfortable black Mercedes Vito cars and lower 4-door Mercedes cars. Our drivers are all experienced, licensed, and familiar with the complicated Istanbul road system transport.
Our cars are smoke-free zones, and the drivers are bi-lingual. The vehicles come equipped with bottles of water and music if you want.

Sustainable Urban Mobility project

We are very keen to support the Sustainable Urban Mobility project started in Istanbul in 2007 when they introduced the BRT system – Bus Rapid Transport with a world-class metro system. From 2010 to 2012, a lot of Istanbul streets were pedestrianised. 295, to be exact! A reason why you can sometimes see your hotel, but appear to be going round in circles. Trust your driver, though; he may have to drive via a diverse route to get you there!

Sustainable and Safe Cars

We fully support the move to sustainability, and where possible, we will use hybrid transport and cars with low emissions. Our priority is your safety. The transportation we use has to come with safety features such as,
All our transfers are conducted in fully licensed cars, with the appropriate registration for carrying passengers.
easy & comfort

Istanbul Traffic

As with any city, you do expect a higher level of transport. Not many are people prepared for a megacity – Istanbul. Here the five or even 8-lane roads can quickly turn into narrow roads with a tram track. The traffic is constant and sometimes noisy. Turkish drivers like to use the horn a lot, but we do ask your drivers not to!

Shortest Routes Possible

The system of inter-sections and turn-offs can seem confusing, but there is a pattern, and lots of work has gone into making Istanbul a less congested city. Unfortunately, no-one can guarantee when road works may start in an area. Still, the cars we use carry the latest technology for this reason. Where ever possible, the drivers will take the shortest routes for transfers & pick-up to and from your consultation, clinic, or hospital visit.

Enjoy being Chauffeured

For some, not being in the driving seat is uncomfortable. But be assured you are in safe hands. You will soon enjoy the removal of stress that can accompany driving in a different place, nevermind a megacity like Istanbul. Relax and take in the famous sites of Istanbul, the skyline, the Bosphorus, the mosques from which the call to prayer five times a day echos into every corner of Istanbul.
Your transfers will be on-time and take into consideration any road delays. You will be informed of any changes to pick-up time by phone text and a message to your room. Your driver will await you at a designated slot and for return journeys.