A hair transplantation at IdealOfMeD doesn’t end when you leave your hospital and fly home. That’s just the start of your journey. When you leave the beautiful city of Istanbul, we give you our Hair Transplantation Box to take home with you. Inside you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of your procedure.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

1 x Hair Vitamins (120 Tablets)
1 x Hair Restoring Shampoo 200ml
1 x Hand Cream 50ml
1 x ProSkin Lotion 125ml
1 x Hair Restoring Serum 50ml
1 x ProSkin Foam

Even though you have left our facility, you have not left our care. We make it our highest priority to keep in contact with you over the next 12 months, to check up on you throughout your IdealOfMeD hair restoration journey. We want to be with you every step of the way and advise that you use our products daily as prescribed. After your surgery, it’s usual to notice changes you may have concerns about, so it’s good to know we are always here.

Taking Ideal hair vitamins help you to heal and grow new hair robustly. The shampoo, serum, and foam are created with over fifty ingredients to optimise restoration after hair transplantation. Active ingredients include Saw Palmetto, Biotin, and Propacil to stimulate hair growth, while Aloe Vera and Panthenol help to develop strong hair and a healthy scalp.

Inside the box, you’ll also find a hand cream that protects you from bacteria and viruses for up to four hours. Exclusive bonus products in the box include a reusable shopping bag and reusable face masks.