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About IdealofMeD

IdealofMeD is located in Istanbul, Turkey but they have Swedish roots. They come very well-recommended with almost 400 five-star reviews on Trustpilot and many more people sharing their positive experiences on Reddit and other boards. As soon as I talked to them I felt in good hands.

They are known for their FUE-DHI Combi­nation Hair transplant but I went with their shave-free hair transplant.

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Back in 2017 I first noticed my hair thinning at my temples. I take very good care of my body, so  this was something out of my control and didn’t feel like the “ideal me.”

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Getting a hair transplant with IdealofMeD has been one of the best decisions of my life. To help others become their Ideal Me, and for me to continue my journey to become a better me, I know work with IdealofMeD as a brand ambassador. Feel free to contact me on my social channels if you have any questions about getting a hair transplant or IdealofMeD.

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