Iodine is an essential mineral needed for several important functions. The thyroid gland generates hormones that regulate growth, repair damaged cells and support metabolismWhile iodine deficiency is not common, it does afflict some people. Expectant mothers, those who don’t consume iodised salt, as well as vegans and vegetarians are more vulnerable to having a deficiency. This can cause symptoms that cause discomfort or severe health problems like a swelling in the neck. Deficiency can also compromise a pregnancy.

Iodine deficiency can also cause hair loss. This is because thyroid hormones control the development of hair follicles where hair grows from. When the levels of these hormones are low, the hair follicles may stop regenerating which eventually causes hair to start falling out. Fortunately, upping iodine consumption to recommended levels can stop hair from falling and prompt new growth.

Why Iodine Is Important For Healthy Hair

Hair starts growing at the root in the bottom of your hair follicle. The blood vessels in the scalp are nourished from the root which supports hair growth. Growing hair pushes out of the root and can be seen as new growth. This cycle is compromised when thyroid hormones are lacking because of iodine deficiency. It causes hair to fall and prevents new hair from growing. Hair first starts thinning and eventually falling not only from the head but also other areas like the eyebrows. Another condition related to low thyroid hormones is alopecia which causes hair to fall out in patches. Hair loss may also be caused by other autoimmune diseases caused by a malfunctioning thyroid such as lupus and polycystic ovary syndrome .

Foods Rich In Iodine

There are a number of readily available iodine rich food. This includes fish, seaweed and seafood such as shrimp, lobsters, and oysters. Iodine is also found in dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Another good source is iodised salt which is readily available. Ideally, you can eat enough of these foods consistently which will maintain the recommended levels of iodine. Failing this, taking a supplement is recommended to attain and maintain healthy levels.

Apart from optimising growth of the hair, iodine plays other important roles. It prevents unborn babies from having stunted growth and compromised intellectual abilities as well as delayed sexual development. Less severe deficiency can deter the ability of an adult to work and think clearly and it can compromise a child’s IQ. The first clear sign of a deficiency is a swelling on the neck which is actually an enlarged thyroid gland.

How To Consume Iodine

The best way to get enough iodine is to take it in a supplement. This is also the fastest way to reverse iodine deficiency. However, it is important to maintain the right levels because too much of it can be harmful. It can cause the thyroid gland to become enlarged or inflamed and can cause thyroid cancer. It can also cause a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, an upset tummy and fever.

Ideal Hair Vitamins

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