Hair conditioner is already part of many of our hair washing routines. But does your conditioner actually help with the health and strength of your hair? Very few actually have ingredients that are proven to support hair health. We are creatures of habit, and tend to pick our favourite brands when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. But they often aren’t the best choice for our hair. The good news is that we’re here to tell you all about our Hair Restoring Conditioner. And it is specifically designed to work miracles on your hair. Keep reading to find out more about our conditioner. And how it will change your hair care routine as you know it.

Keratin And Collagen Combined

You may have heard of Keratin hair conditioners, and Collagen ones. Both of which are very popular and are proven to have fantastic results. Despite both being common separately, you won’t find many products that combine these two premium ingredients together. That’s exactly what is in the IdealofMeD Hair Restoring Conditioner, the perfect balance of Keratin, Collagen and many other high quality and beneficial ingredients. This formula helps to breathe new life into your dull and weak hair, leaving it visibly stronger and healthier. Who doesn’t want thick and shiny hair that doesn’t thin or fall out? Even better, you don’t need to pay extortionate prices for the luxury. The IdeaofMeD products are premium in quality, but affordable in price.

Our Hair Restoring Conditioner Has No Harsh Chemicals

As well as the amazing ingredients that go into our conditioner, what doesn’t go into it is equally as important to us. Specifically formulated without the use of any harsh chemicals, our conditioner is also alcohol and paraben free, something we are very proud of. Parabens are widely-used preservatives in the cosmetics industry, which are known to cause skin irritation, and this is exactly why we avoid them. Have you ever had an adverse reaction to a new shampoo or conditioner? That is very likely to be some of the harsh chemicals used in their formula. Many of our competitors use Parabens as they are cheaper than the alternatives. This is just one of the many reasons why IdealofMeD and our products are superior to others in the market, as we don’t compromise on quality.

Including Propacil And Biotin

The Hair Restoring Conditioner provides the best results when also used with our Hair Restoring Shampoo. Our shampoo has hair stimulating ingredients including Propacil, Biotin, and others, and makes the perfect base for your hair before conditioning. Although they can be used separately, we strongly recommend using the conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo for the most dramatic effect. Both are available in 200ml bottles and should be used regularly for optimal results. You will notice dramatic improvements in your overall hair health, including more shine and stronger locks. This is very important in the mission to avoid premature hair loss or thinning.

Environmentally Friendly

Don’t forget that each of our products are designed, manufactured and packaged using environmentally-friendly processes. Each of our products are delivered in recyclable packaging and none of our ingredients are damaging to the environment.