Ginseng health benefits are amazing, so don’t miss out! There are different types but American and Asian ginseng are the most popular and potent. The American variety is effective as a relaxant while the Asian one is invigorating. The two compounds complement each other to offer a number of health benefits including reducing inflammation and boosting brain function among others.

Controlling hair loss is another benefit of this short, slow-growing herb with thick, fleshy roots. One way it does that is by increasing the density of dermal cells on the scalp. This has the effect of strengthening the roots and follicles where hair grows from. This encourages hair to grow and also stops it from thinning and breaking.

Controlling Dandruff With Ginseng

In some people, hair loss is caused by a scalp that is blocked with too much sebum or natural oil. Or one that is too dry to nourish the roots and follicles to support growth. The second way that ginseng aids hair growth is by optimising the condition of the scalp by removing flakes or dandruff and excess oil. This is thanks to the herb’s anti-bacterial compound saponin that is found in its fleshy roots. Thirdly, this potent herb also works on the length of the hair to keep it strong and easy to manage. This ensures that it does not break or shed.

Using Ginseng In Powder Form

One of the most popular ways that ginseng is used is in form of powder. Ginseng powder is made by crushing its roots and then drying the extract to preserve it in powder form. The powder is used in various ways. It can be used to make a paste with water for application on the scalp to stop hair loss and encourage new growth. The powder can also be used to brew tea or added to beverages like smoothies to make it more palatable.

Apart from powder, ginseng is also available in other forms such as capsules and dried herbs that can be used for cooking. All these forms work to harness its benefits. Apart from reducing inflammation and boosting brain function, this popular herb also helps men with erectile dysfunction, boosts the immune system and it reduces fatigue. Additionally, it can regulate blood sugar which is very helpful for those with diabetes and related conditions like high blood pressure.

How To Consume Ginseng For Hair Growth

To enjoy ginseng health benefits, it has to be consumed consistently and in the right quantity.  Some have quantities that are too little to make a difference. Others that are made to stop hair loss and encourage growth are mixed with other ingredients that do not help with hair growth. It is therefore important to use a ginseng supplement that has enough of the herb and includes other nutrients that also support growth.

Ideal Hair Vitamins with Minerals and Herbal Extracts

As its name suggests, IdealOfMeD is dedicated to helping patients to be their best selves or their “Ideal Me”. This includes having a full head of hair. Ideal hair vitamins are mouth soluble tablets which include hair nourishing ingredients to support hair growth. They include herbal extracts in just the right amount including ginseng as well as other herbal extracts such as stinging nettle and several vitamins. Satisfied customers have proven that the supplement stops hair loss and boosts hair growth. Many who have used Ideal Hair Vitamins have not needed any other procedures like hair transplants.