Biomarker Blood Test

Unlock the power of early detection with our biomarker blood test in Turkey. Get a full personalized analysis with science-backed recommendations. With over 40 biomarkers tested, you will have the full-picture of your health.

Biomarker Blood Test in Turkey

Book your Biomarker Blood Test today and get a full analysis of over 40 biomarkers. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. 

Biomarker blood test results

Your blood based biomarker test results will include:

Heart Health

  • Apolipoprotein B (ApoB) NEW
  • High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL cholesterol)
  • Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol)
  • Triglycerides
  • Total cholesterol

Hormone Balance

  • Estradiol (Female only) NEW
  • Progesterone (Female only) NEW
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) NEW
  • Calcium
  • Cortisol
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) (Female only)


  • Magnesium
  • Red blood cell (RBC) magnesium
  • Vitamin D


  • High-sensitivity c-reactive protein (hsCRP)
  • White blood cell count (WBC)
  • Neutrophils
  • Basophils
  • Eosinophils
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes


  • Insulin NEW
  • Glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
  • Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)


  • Albumin
  • Aspartate aminotransferase (AST)
  • Creatine kinase (CK)
  • Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)
  • Potassium
  • Sodium


  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate


  • Ferritin
  • Hematocrit (HCT)
  • Haemoglobin
  • Iron
  • Total iron binding capacity (TIBC)
  • Transferrin saturation (TS)
  • Mean cell haemoglobin (MCH)
  • Mean cell haemoglobin concentration (MCHC)
  • Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)
  • Red blood cell count (RBC)
  • Red cell distribution width (RDW)
  • Mean platelet volume (MPV)
  • Platelets


  • Testosterone
  • Free testosterone (Male only)
  • Sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
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