According to research, almost 80% of the world’s population of adults below the age of 50 experience hair loss. The cause can be a genetic or natural occurrence. Hair loss, in turn, can lead to baldness which can lower your self-esteem and even ruin your life. Due to this, many financially able people and celebrities find refuge in having hair grafts. Hair grafting replaces their lost hair naturally and restores their confidence.

What Are Hair Grafts?

You might be wondering what hair grafts are. Well, these are pieces of hair-bearing tissue that are made by extracting tissue from a donor site. These tissue bits are capable of growing hair and are removed from the donor area in a process called grafting. Afterwards, they are transplanted on your hairless scalp area. Note that a single hair graft may have between 1-4 hair follicles.

Since a hair graft is tissue, it tends to have a short life span once it is removed from your donor zone. Therefore, it is handled extremely carefully to facilitate successful transplantation in a different area. Due to its vulnerability, hair transplant surgeons apply some hair graft survival tactics. These include maintaining a cool temperature, the right amount of oxygen, proper hydration and the use of only durable donor follicles.

Hair Graft Harvesting

The back of your head is said to be the healthiest and best donor area for hair grafts. It has the most natural hair that is non-receptive to the DHT hormone that causes men’s hair loss. Amazingly, hair from this area continues to grow in the same direction as the donor area after grafting.

Hair from the back of your head greatly resembles your front hair in terms of curls and inclinations, unlike hair from other body parts which is very curly.

Method Used For Harvesting Hair Grafts

Today, a physical method known as the Harris S.A.F.E System is used for hair graft harvesting. It is done by simply shaving hair from the donor area to a close-cropped cut. If you do not want your hair shaved, your surgeon will give you a non- shave FUE that shaves only the hairs chosen for grafting.