Are you seeking dental treatment in Turkey? It is important for you to understand the treatment methods, processes, advantages and disadvantages. We offer excellent dental care at an unbeatable price. Turkey is a globally recognised popular dental holiday destination. You can save up to 50% on the expenses for both helpful and corrective dental treatment when you travel to Turkey. We use Meta-Contrast Technique (MCT) to perform non-intrusive diagnosis and treatment with minimal side effects on your health.

How We Fix Dental Implants

Fixing dental implants entail a series of procedures and processes. The first step is a diagnostic examination by our highly qualified dentists. The results provide information on aspects such as the extent of damage and the appropriate treatment approach depending on your care needs. The next steps entail removal of the damaged tooth, preparing the jawbone, and fixing the implant. We then schedule an appointment for the placement of the artificial tooth once the jawbone is healed. Bridges are added after 6-12 weeks when the tooth heals. During the healing process, our nurses administer anaesthetics, antibiotics, and painkillers during routine clinic visits.

We offer two main types of dental implants; endosteal and subperiosteal. They are important for teeth replacement, creating better esthetics, with a natural look and more realistic than any other alternative. Dental implants improve venture retention. Implant operations are so independent that they don’t affect the adjacent tooth; hence preserving the tooth’s natural structure.


To satisfy every care need of our patients, we utilise the latest medical technology at all stages of dental treatment. Most of the implants achieve a 99.9% success rate even among clients with most diverse care needs. However, dental implants require a high level of personal hygiene and care to last long.