The Ideal Hair Vitamins contain many natural ingredients, perfectly formulated for healthy hair growth. The hero of today is our biggest ingredient, Biotin!

This special ingredient is the star of the show when it comes to hair care. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, plays a vital role in many bodily functions and is known to support the health of skin, hair, the metabolism and more. It isn’t just a fantastic supplement for hair health, but it also helps to speed up the hair growth process. Taking Biotin every day can lead to faster-growing hair that is healthier and thicker than ever before. This is the number one benefit to our popular hair vitamins.

Natural Sources Of Biotin

The word ‘Biotin’ comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘biotos’, which translates to ‘life’, or ‘sustenance’. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about this great ingredient? A deficiency in B7 can lead to hair loss, dry skin, tiredness and depression, so it’s very important to maintain healthy levels for a good quality of life.

There are natural sources of B7, including egg yolks, mushrooms and bananas. Although B7 occurs naturally in some food, the levels are much lower than that in our vitamins. So despite being able to include Biotin in the day-to-day already, it’s much better to give your intake an extra boost with a supplement.

B7 Benefits

Aside from a fantastic head of hair, there are a number of added benefits to taking B7 daily. From an aesthetics standpoint, the vitamin helps us to maintain clear skin, but the biggest benefit is to what is happening inside your body. B7 helps to keep the eyes, liver and entire nervous system functioning properly. We need Biotin to process nutrients, release energy and maintain a healthy nervous system. It is also a vital supplement during pregnancy. Pregnant women can become B7 deficient and so supplements are used to promote foetal growth and health in these cases.

There is research to support that those with type 2 diabetes may benefit from taking Biotin supplements due to its ability to regulate blood-sugar levels. The results aren’t conclusive yet, but this is just one of many pieces of medical research about the amazing benefits of Biotin.

Biotin In Ideal Hair Vitamins

Our bottles of hair vitamins contain 120 tablets, and we recommend taking two per day after meals. Each dose contains 2500mcg of Biotin, as well as many other natural ingredients to aid hair growth and health. This perfectly designed formula of vitamins is great for general health, in addition to the benefits you will experience to your physical appearance.

Our oral-dissolving vitamins eliminate the need to take several large supplement pills each day. Having 5000mcg of Biotin will result in visible improvements within just a few weeks, but it is best used over a longer period of time to experience the best benefits.