Our newsletter has really grown over the past couple of months and we think our research into healthy food and amazing products and services is to thank for it. This month, we continued our research into the world of mushrooms, shared some valuable information about beard transplantation, shared a special beard transplantation website with you and showcased out Hair Restoring Serum.

In this update:

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Have you ever felt that you hide your true self due to not being confident about how you look? 

An old scar that’s never going to be possible to cover? 

Uneven growth making it impossible to trim really neat and nice?

A bald patch making it impossible to even grow a beard to begin with?

Well, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way any more. Issues with your beard or lack of facial hair can be treated in the same way as the hair on your head. With the latest expertise and advancements in transplantation procedures, we can help you turn that gloomy feeling into one of pride and great joy.

Nobody is too young nor too old to have the right to feel good about themselves. 

For this reason, we have created one of the best teams specializing in this matter, offering the best-of-the-best in regards to professional skills and knowledge, safety for your health, and within reasonable price ranges. 

Plus, you don’t have to do it with the whole neighbourhood knowing what you are up to…

Discover what happens when getting a beard transplant in Turkey and how it could help you.

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What To Expect When Getting a Beard Transplant

A beard transplant usually works by creatively placing follicular units into the beard region in an effort to repair or improve uneven parts of facial hair. 

The angle, orientation, and position of each individual graft are typically the most crucial aspects of the surgery in order to produce a result that is both visually acceptable and entirely natural.

Your doctor will need to assess the quality of the hair in the recipient region and match it to a part of your body that might serve as a viable donor site before you perform a facial hair transplant. 

As a consequence, depending on what is most appropriate, hair may be removed from your head, chest, armpits, or other locations to assist achieve the results that seem the most natural.

Beardtransplantation.com Website


Whether you’re ready to go get a beard transplant in Turkey, or just want to read up on what it all entails. This website covers it. There is only one beardtransplantation.com – your #1 source for all you need to know about getting a beard transplantation.

BeardTransplantation.com is your free source of beard transplant info by the experts at IdealofMeD. Read up or book a free consultation with one of our beard restoration specialists.

For many men, growing a beard is more complicated than simply not shaving and letting nature take its course. Whiskers do not always grow evenly across the face, resulting in patchy facial hair rather than a fashionable beard. Or you could have inherited genes that prevent you from growing any type of beard.

If your facial hair follicles aren’t cooperating, you can try a beard implant, just like you can transplant your own hair to the top of your head to combat a receding hairline.

A doctor will examine your skin and hair to see if you’re a good candidate, and then you’ll have to decide whether the procedure is worthwhile. There is no guarantee that you will be pleased with the results, just as there is no guarantee that you will be pleased with the results of any medical procedure. However, if you can locate a qualified provider, it may be worth looking into whether a few hours in a doctor’s office can provide you with a beard that will last a lifetime.

What Is Lion’s Mane and What Are the Benefits?


Mushrooms are curious fungi that have some excellent health and anti-ageing benefits for humans that not all of us know how to take full advantage of.

Previously, we wrote about the Chaga mushroom, which has antioxidants, beta-glucans, and triterpenes that greatly help with anti-ageing, anti-inflammation, and maintaining a healthy heart.

We also wrote about the Reishi mushroom, which has the ability to stimulate brain neurons, search and destroy cancer cells, and prevent the development of new fat cells in obese individuals. 

This time, we will look at the history and health benefits of the amazing Lion’s mane mushroom. There’s a lot to learn about this mushroom and there are also a few quirks to keep in mind when using it. So let’s get right to it!

Discover Our Ozone 3 Ideal Hair Restoring Serum and Other Amazing Hair Products


There is always something new and exciting in our shop. Our products have been professionally developed for IdealofMeD. by a team of doctors and scientists.

All of our products are exclusive to IdealofMeD., which means that they are unique in their ingredients, use, and versatility for different hair types for both men and women.

Like our skin, our hair requires some special care too. A great hair restoring serum will greatly help to nourish and improve dry, damaged hair and encourage the hair follicles to grow.

The concoction of oils in our serum are rich in mineral and have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. The texture of the serum is very lightweight oil that absorbs into hair quickly, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

Our Ozone 3 Ideal Hair Restoring Serum has some wonderful properties:

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