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The ideal balance between
love and science.

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Only 25% of our physical well-being is determined by our genes, while the remaining 75% is influenced by our lifestyle.

What does that mean: 75% of our physical well-being is determined by our lifestyle. This means that you have significant control over your longevity and overall happiness. At IdealofMeD we continuously strive to create products that make you look and feel great. Our products are the result of the ideal balance between love and science.


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IdealofMeD Vitamins & Supplements

Our exclusive product line originally started to supply patients with the best possible hair transplant aftercare products. 

Since then, we have added new products focusing on longevity and a holistic approach to (hair) health. It’s our mission to make sure you look and feel like your ideal me.

We’re your number 1 destination for Hair, Dental and Beauty Restoration in Turkey. Contact us if you have any questions, our support team is available 24/7.


At IdealofMeD, we believe that Living Your Ideal Me can be done sustainably. After all, ideal is what is perfect and most suitable. 

We work enthusiastically to create products that bring balance to how you feel about yourself and your environment. We believe creating sustainability is all about the small steps you (can) take each day to your ideal self and surroundings.

From our refillable glass jars to reusable packaging and offsetting CO2 emissions.

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