There are a few reasons why having a hair transplant in Turkey is the best option for anyone seeking the ideal hair. The primary reasons are the incredibly high standard of medical care offered and the comparatively lower prices charged. The care provided by Turkish clinics does not stop upon completion of the hair transplant operation. They also assist in helping patients with after-surgery care, including protein hair growth treatment methods.

What Else Makes Turkey The Go-To Place For Hair Transplants?

Aside from the low costs and the amazing quality of work they offer, Turkey provides surgeons who are qualified in advanced procedures, such as FUE and FUT methods. Hair transplant patients aren’t charged per hair follicle but rather by the number of sessions they undergo. This practice contrasts with the conventional Western custom of billing between $1.50 and $4.70 per hair graft.

Research shows that Turkey has, over the years, grown to a premier destination for persons the world over who seek facial hair grafts and body hair transplants. This growth has resulted from stunning before and after results and numerous positive reviews by satisfied customers. The increasing number of successful operations and government support for medical tourism has also been a driving force.

Why Turkish Clinics Promote Protein Hair Growth Treatments

Most Turkish clinics advocate for protein hair growth treatment as an integral part of after-surgery care. Generally, this form of treatment can serve as an alternative to a hair operation where the damage is less severe. After surgeries, protein-rich nutrients can help maintain the hair and keep it healthy. Protein in addition to medicinal shampoo help to heal the scalp post-surgery.