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Undergoing a hair transplant is a major decision, one you can only make with the right information. Providing the answers to all your questions on the Micro FUE hair transplantation procedure is your professional medical team, led by a doctor who’s trained and experienced in the Micro FUE procedure.

Standard all inclusive

billed one time
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Premium all inclusive

per month for 12 months*

Executive all inclusive

per month for 12 months
*3 month subscription billed quarterly or yearly in advance. Strategy and initial set-up is a one time fee priced individually depending on clients needs.

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Here we have collected some different results of hair transplantation with us. Some have had good conditions, others slightly worse, but everyone is happy with their treatment.

beard transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Forget ethnicity, age, genetic. Have the beard you want by a modern no-fuss method that has you looking good fast!


Eyebrow Transplantations

Achieve the look you want. Permanent naturally shaped, 3-dimensional eyebrows.

Damian, Hair Transplant

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