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Dermarolling was once something exclusive to a specialist dermatologist or clinic, but not anymore. The once premium treatment came with a large price tag and was only available to those who could afford the luxury. Thankfully, times have changed, and doing it at home is becoming increasingly popular, and so is the number of affordable products you can get your hands on. This is exactly why we want to introduce you to the IdealofMeD dermaroller, the perfect solution to premium skincare that you can do yourself from the comfort of your home. It is easy, and there is no dermatologist qualifications or experience required.

How Does Dermarolling Work?

Dermarolling, sometimes known as microneedling, is a procedure using tiny needles which are inserted into the skin. It creates microscopic holes in the skin which induce the production of collagen and elastin. These punctures to the skin are created purposefully to increase the levels of collagen in your skin, leaving your skin looking significantly better than before. Sound frightening? Don’t worry, It’s not as scary or painful as it sounds. In fact, it’s practically painless. The needles are so small that you will barely notice they are there at all. There is an almost immediate effect from the process, including a noticeable glow and reduction in the size of pores. Longer-term benefits include the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s no wonder that the skin treatment is one of the most popular.

The most important part of any dermarolling is the tool used to complete the procedure. The most dramatic effects are created by using the highest quality of instrument, and the IdealofMeD dermaroller is exactly that. Unlike many others in the market, our beautifully crafted device has 540 titanium needles. Titanium is the best material for dermarollers, making it as strong as possible in order to create the perfect finish on your skin. It also helps to make cleaning easier, and we provide disinfectant spray with every dermaroller purchased.

Benefits Of Dermarolling

Almost anybody can benefit from dermarolling, but it is particularly helpful for those with deep acne scarring and large pores. Both of these issues can cause the skin to look unhealthy or damaged, and our dermaroller helps to significantly improve the appearance of acne scarring. Both males and females can use the tool, and will see similar benefits for doing so. The worse condition your skin is in, the most dramatic effects you will see following the procedure. Dermarolling has also been proven to have excellent results when used of the scalp for hair loss.

Perfect To Use With Your Skincare Routine

Using our dermaroller also increases the absorption of skincare products, making them much more effective and leaving your skin looking and feeling clean. If you like to treat yourself to expensive moisturisers and creams, dermarolling will help to improve their results. Whether you already have an established skincare routine, or are a complete novice, the IdealofMeD dermaroller is the perfect addition to any beauty kit or regime. It can be kept at home, or packed into a suitcase to be used on-the-go during your travels.



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