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Undergoing a hair transplant is a major decision, one you can only make with the right information. Providing the answers to all your questions on the Micro FUE hair transplantation procedure is your professional medical team, led by a doctor who’s trained and experienced in the Micro FUE procedure.
A full assessment is conducted to be able to answer your questions on the validity of the FUE microsurgery, and its suitability for you. To facilitate your decision-making and to ensure you have confidence going forward, we will provide 3 informational briefs for every stage of the procedure.
Honest and direct answers will be given by your medical team, enabling you to make an informed decision. Mid to long-term follow-up is also provided.
Many people suffer from hair loss due to a variety of reasons. Some are avoidable, while others, like your genetics, aren’t. Whatever the case, if you’re suffering from hair loss, there are solutions to help you go back to having a full head of hair.
The methods used vary based on how extensive the damage is. The microsurgery approach of FUE can help restore your locks, without linear scaring and using local anaesthetic. The technique used for you will depend on your preference or the surgeon handling your case. However, the FUE has numerous rave reviews due to its minimally invasive process.
FUE hair transplant procedure

The FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision. As the name suggests, the surgeon will remove hair follicle units from donor regions around your scalp. For this, a donor area shave may be necessary. How much to shave depends on your doctor’s recommendation. Donor areas tend to be at the back or sides of the head. That’s because these are permanent hair sites that are less likely to be affected by hair loss.
Using a tool called a micromotor punch, follicles, are extracted one by one before setting them aside. As a result, the process can also be called the Micro FUE hair transplant. A single session may require the removal of thousands of follicle units.
Once extraction of the necessary hair follicles is complete, the specialist moves on to the recipient area of the scalp. To implant the hair follicles, small incisions are made in the skin. The grafts are then carefully placed into the incision site. The process is delicate and, combined with the follicle extraction, can take more than 12 hours to complete. For severe hair loss cases, more than one session may be necessary.

How To Prepare For An FUE Transplant

Getting a hair transplant is a significant step towards treating hair loss. Therefore, you need to get the right information before you advance with the procedure. Having our qualified surgeons advising you is the best way to get started. Some of the questions they will answer include:

Which process would work best for your case? Whether having FUE hair implants would work best for your situation.

What will you need to do before the procedure? Some preparations are necessary, such as lifestyle changes, to keep your system clear. Some chemicals found in pharmaceutical drugs may affect the efficacy of any medication given for the procedure.

What will happen during the procedure? Before jumping in, your surgeon needs to let you know what will happen to get you your implants.

How will you look and feel after the transplant? Some people would like to resume their daily lives. Your doctor needs to inform you of how to carry yourself so that you don't risk the health of the implants.

How to monitor progress and manage your symptoms? Some soreness and inflammation may occur. It's necessary to know the ways to manage these.

When to seek medical help? You need to look out for the symptoms and possible side effects that indicate you require a checkup.

When to expect results from the process? All patients are eager to know when they'll start growing hair. Your surgeon will be in an excellent position to give you that estimate.


Benefits Of The FUE Hair Transplant

As with all surgical procedures, pros and cons exist. With the FUE hair transplant, however, more benefits stand out. These include the fact that:

The donor area starts healing within a short time.

There's no linear scarring as is the case with FUT implants.

A local anaesthetic is used.

You'll experience minimal to no pain at all.

Hair follicles can even come from the beard and other parts of the body.

You're free to do the procedure multiple times.

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