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Extensive attention to detail, in the planning and execution of a female hair transplant. We respect that our clients want to hear an honest opinion on what is achievable with a female hair transplant and we pride ourselves in being trustworthy and honest about all aspects of the procedure and the expected outcomes. Ensuring our clients can make informed decisions based on reliable facts.

Along with extensive discussion and information at your evaluation with the medical team, we will provide briefs on every stage of your procedure.
As a woman are you experiencing the unsettling experience of a receding hairline or general hair loss? Do you resort to using wigs and colour highlights, among other methods, to enhance the way your hair looks? If so, you should look into female hair transplantation. Especially if you previously had luscious locks. Hair transplants may be the solution you need to get you back to having a full head of hair.

Several factors could play into the cause of a woman’s hair thinning or complete loss. As a result, what would work for a man may not necessarily have the same effect for a woman.

Female Hair Transplants

Reasons For Female Hair Loss

Women have a lot more than the standard reasons linked to their hair loss. With men, factors such as their genetics or trauma tend to be more common. With women, it can even go as far as having an underlying medical condition causing hair loss. These include,
When getting a hair transplant, hair follicles need to be taken from donor areas around the scalp. That’s usually at the back or around the sides of the head. With men, these are also referred to as stable sites. That’s because they have no damage, making them suitable for transplantation purposes. When they get placed, they will continue to grow healthy hair.
However, in women, the hormone Dihydrotestosterone or DHT can bring about diffuse hair loss. With such a case, you’ll find the woman has hair loss throughout their head rather than in certain areas. As a result, even hair around the donor sites cannot be considered as stable enough for transplantation. Removing fragile hair follicles from the donor to recipient sites would not have any results for the patient.
Female Hair transplantation

The Best Candidates For Female Hair Transplantation

Since not everyone qualifies for female hair transplantation, it’s worth noting who’s better suited to benefit from the procedure.
Some women have underlying hormonal or dermatological reasons for their hair loss. By having a professional assess the area, the patient would be advised on whether they can fix their issue through other methods. These include the use of specific medication to control hormones, as well as a diet change, among others.

Female Hair Transplantation Procedures

Once a hair specialist deems a patient fit for female hair transplantation, they’ll proceed to inform them of what’s to come. From that point, the patient will either have an FUE or DHI procedure. As long as the hair in the donor areas is healthy, it can be removed and implanted into the recipient areas. How many procedures will be required to get the desired results is dependent on the amount of hair loss the patient has.

For shorter recovery times, both the DHI and FUE methods have shown promise. That’s because the surgeon only makes small punches and incisions throughout the process. Therefore, you’ll only have a little soreness after the procedure. Inform your surgeon so that they can prescribe appropriate methods to help you manage any residual discomfort.
Female Hair Transplants


It’s important to give your implants enough time to settle into your scalp. So ensure you follow the post-op advice given by your doctor. These include avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, as well as not having any hair treatments done. In addition to those, try and avoid wearing any headgear that may irritate the recipient sites. In case you need to cover up, your surgeon can suggest appropriate headgear that won’t affect your new implants.
Several factors could play into the cause of a woman’s hair thinning or complete loss. As a result, what would work for a man may not necessarily have the same effect for a woman.
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