NEW Product Line Launch + Folic Acid and Its Health Benefits

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We continue to dive into the world of healthy ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our goal is to research as many elements of our daily diet as possible so that you can understand how to mix and match healthy ingredients and provide your body with the ideal foods. This month, we researched Folic acid and looked […] in Turkey, Lion’s Mane Benefits and Our Hair Restoring Serum

Our newsletter has really grown over the past couple of months and we think our research into healthy food and amazing products and services is to thank for it. This month, we continued our research into the world of mushrooms, shared some valuable information about beard transplantation, shared a special beard transplantation website with you […]

What Is NAD+ and Our Unique Package for Female Hair Transplantation

In this email: What Is NAD+ and Why is It So Important? Our Unique Package for Female Hair Transplantation Check Out Our Shop As always, we have some excellent news about health and wellness research that our team does every month.  In this issue, we will introduce you to the amazing health benefits of the […]

The Chaga Mushroom,, We Are Hiring and Check out Ibby

Latest news: Check out, we just launched it!  Amazing benefits of the Chaga mushroom We are hiring for our social media (+ check out the video with Ibby_a) Discover our Dermaroller + Disinfection Spray plus other amazing hair products As always, we have some excellent news about health and wellness research that our team […]

Ida Our AI Chatbot Will Help You Live Your Ideal Me & Sleep Good with Reishi

There are some exciting things happening in June 2022! For starters, we are delighted to introduce you to our AI chatbox called Ida. She’s easy to use, fun to talk to, and will provide you with all the information you need regarding treatments, our knowledge base, hair products, free downloads, and much more! We are […]

Free EBook “The Hair Loss Fix” & Why Resveratrol Is All The Craze

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A lot has happened in May 2022! We have developed a new eBook, researched and wrote some very informative blog posts, and have special product boxes to share with you! Here is a summary of everything that has happened in May 2022 just in case you missed it. The Hair Loss Fix eBook Is Ready […]

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