Chaga Mushroom: What Is It and How Does It Help the Immune System?

chaga mushroom

In the world of mushrooms, there are approximately 3,000 species of edible mushrooms spread out across the world. Each one is unique in its look and nutritional properties, but its true value comes in understanding the healthiest mushroom and how to use it. In this article, we will discuss the famous Chaga mushroom. An ugly […]

Reishi Mushrooms for Longevity and Beauty, Mainly Through Much Improved Sleep

Did you know that mushrooms and humans originated from the same organism over 1 billion years ago and that mushrooms are actually part of the animal kingdom and have been part of Chinese longevity “medicine” for thousands of years? In fact even the Yeti, you know, the Snowman, used mushrooms as part of his anti-ageing […]

Resveratrol – Longevity Booster with Long-Term Benefits for Hair Loss

Resveratrol, is the supplement made (in)-famous by Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard, in his excellent book Lifespan – mandatory reading for anyone serious about bio-hacking. Although the considerable longevity benefits of resveratrol have only really been proven in mice and it, for obvious reasons is too early to tell for humans, nonetheless both David Sinclar […]